The other day... in September.

The other day we got a babysitter and went and saw Sully, which was awesome!  I knew I would like it and Tom Hanks did do a great job.  Despite not liking to see many movies, I'd go see it again, so basically you should see it if you haven't.

Surprisingly there are a couple of movies I still want to see this year!, probably Redbox, but however able:

-Secret Life of Pets
-Independence Day 2
-Deepwater Horizon
And I'd see Jason Bourne

Any recommendations? 


The other day my last delivery of my monthly cupcakes club has arrived!  It was in September, but I ate the last one just days ago.  I usually binge on an embarrassing amount of them in 2-3 days, then a straggler+ remain in the box for a minute or so while I get over the guilt.  

Vanilla Valrhona Cupakes (MY FAVORITE)
Apple Caramel Cream Cheese
S'more Surprise
Indian Summer Strawberry Cream Cheese


The other day my brother, Jimmy James, and I went to the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions when it came through Glendale!  I was freaking stoked for this!  James did gymnastics for a long time so I figured he'd like to go to this with me, then once we got there it was like we were going to a Miley Cyrus concert because there were a million little gymnasts running around outside, tumbling, wearing matching team shirts, so forth and on.  It made me a little nervous about the show itself, but it was awesome!!

A club + a concert + a cirque show + the Olympics = exceeded my expectations!!

I was so tired though.  Early morning runs have me falling asleep at like 7pm so I brought a bottle of caffeine with me and they made me discard it.  *chug chug chug*

James is doing the 22 push ups challenge and hadn't done them yet, so he squoze (should be a word) in between the seats and knocked 'em out while we were waiting.  We're getting to the stage of life where when I see an old skinny picture of him, I gasp in remembrance that he was once skinny.  

Once = 28 years

Ladies and gentlemen, Simone...:


The other day I had to have Pho.  Why am I telling you this you ask???  I put it on my 32 things so ✓ Ben doesn't like Pho so we never eat Vietnamese, and putting it on my list was an extra excuse to eat it (it was to-go so I assembled it myself).  SO GOOD.

My family always used to go out for Pho back in Layton (Kim Long!).  We went there the day I graduated from college!  Fond memories.


The other Sunday, and every Sunday, Church is still a rambunctious activity and B3 has a hard time lasting the entire meeting.  The other Sunday he went into the aisle and yelled "LET'S GO!!!" right in the middle of a talk.  lol  His "let's go" sounds more like "etsgo!!"

Sad cuz I left him behind to go up on the stand...

Speaking of the little man, right around his birthday his desire to talk just randomly showed up overnight.  He repeats everything!  I didn't know if he really would repeat me, so I tested with "BUTTHEAD," and whatya know, he repeated it flawlessly.  Alas, we have entered the stage of life where we watch what we say.

balls = bawws
let's go = et'sgo
diaper = die-puh
please = deez
minion = minin
it's gone = izgone
cuckuh = cuckuh
cracker = cuckurh
juice = jeez
one two three = one-eweee
apple = appa (he likes to go to the fridge and say APPA...DEEZ DEEZ)
gross = goss
oh no = ohhhhh nooooooo
dog = daw

Just like that, the other day was the first of October!  Now we're half way to November and the day our Christmas tree goes up (like the first!!!).

That's all for now!  It is 9:15pm and feels like midnight with us in bed and everybody asleep but me.  I guess getting up at 5 shifts your day around a bit, we can hardly stay up anymore.  Goodnight!

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