Trunk or Treat

We went to our first Trunk or Treat last weekend!!  Although we did leave after the dinner portion because the 8:45am nap was taking a toll, plus I had a 4:30am wake up call, so we didn't really experience the actual trunk or treating part.  lol

B3 was/is a minion this year!  It only makes sense considering he loves them so.  He had a minion birthday party, wears minion tattoos all the time (we switch them every coupla days), has minion stuffed animals, and is watching MINIONS as I type this post.

It is seriously impossible to get a great shot.  Above I whipped out the candy to get him to hold still, and I'm proud of that semi-clear shot.

We didn't dress up because the one holiday I haven't adjusted to being warmer, is Halloween.  I'm used to the weather turning cold before having to think about it, and right now all that I think about is what I'm wearing to the race and not Halloween.

Last year we were gory fun.

B3 had just mastered walking/babbling and wasn't yet scared of zombies.  Everybody LOVED the baby zombie including ME awwww.

Last year we also bought these for Halloween:

They were a hit (especially the leftovers) so this year I bought them again.  The first year in our house we had so many kids we were out of candy in just over a half hour, so the next year we stocked up only to have less trick or treaters!  So at least with the sour straws they are candy you can eat for the rest of the [delicious] year, and there are almost 200 to begin with so it's more bang for yer buck.

Happy almost Halloween!!  I am excited to see how the actual trick or treating goes.


  1. Lucky! We only get about 3 around here. It sucks!

    1. I swear Halloween is dying, at least the trick or treating part.

  2. I wish we had something like Trunk or Treat around hear - looks like so much fun!

  3. Love his costume and you look GORGEOUS!!