Week 11: Stroller Running & Running Easy

It's October!!  I ran 116 miles in September which is great, I haven't been over 100 since the hamstring issue so I'm really happy!  I also hit 740 miles for the year which means I am EIGHT miles behind.  YEAH!!  Catching up!  I didn't know if I could still hit my goal 1000 with so much time off.

The past 17 weeks of training:

I like seeing how consistent my ramp up has been.  I didn't have to start completely over, just a giant setback!

Anywho, speaking of October, the weekday mornings and evenings are out of sunlight time for me to fit in whole or even half my workout unless I venture out with the stroller.  I'm starting to wonder if I can fit the stroller into any of my workouts.  Between switching back and forth which hand is pushing, the added weight you are propelling, and any terrain and weather factors, running with the stroller is similar to always running uphill -- it's seriously tough!  Tough to hit tempo or progressive paces, I definitely can't do a long run with it, and I'm not sure it fits into my EASY run category anymore, I quote (without permission eee) my coach's reminder:

When you have "easy effort" on your calendar it means EAAAAASSSSYYY! Translation:

1) "I could run all day at this pace"
2) "This is a tad boring"
3) "Oh look over there at that rabbit"
4) You can sing the song "Supercalifragilistic Expealadoshus" while running. (I didn't google it, so I'm sure I spelled it wrong)

I have noticed if I make sure the tires are completely filled, I don't start my run on an incline, and I start as easy as possible to allow some time to fall into rhythm, that it helps.

I usually don't break out my individual runs, but I'm watching Home Alone and feeling like it, so I shall bore you:

Monday tempo - target pace was an 8:40.  I ran 1 warm up, 8:38, 8:35, 8:32, 1 cool down, and it was pretty comfortable

Wednesday progressive - I saved this for the afternoon and it was warm (95!!) and I was dying for water!!  2 warm up, 9:20, 9:15, 9:10, 9:05, 1 cool down (that was really supposed to be a 9:00 but I forgot my workout :P )

Thursday = 6 easy, half was around our .35 block a buncha times in the dark while my handsome boys walked it.  :)

Saturday long = 16 easy, but it was one of my hardest long runs despite the fact it was supposed to be easy.  I was feeling overheated in my fifth mile so the rest were ... hot.

We had some beautiful mornings for a little while and I think they are just around the corner again.  I hope they return before next weekend's race because holly hannah, I finally checked out the course elevation and it's hills!  There is not one flat stretch.  lol!  I don't know what I was thinking, but bring it.

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