Week 13: ZzZzZ

I'm tired. 

That sums it up.  This week I am feeling it!  Usually I get to sleep in on Tuesdays/Fridays, but we're up to five days of running, so Friday, I am looking just at you, my love.  By sleep in I mean like 6:30-7, but it's at least getting light outside by then!  I would even sleep in until 7:30, but... toddler.  On occasion he will give me a gift and we will make it to the alarm, but there's too many toys that need to be thrown around the house to get that crazy all the time.

More so I am just feeling the mileage increase and my appetite is out of control.  Run fast, wake up and run on tired legs, run long now in 75 degrees and the shade of a cactus, it's a vicious cycle that I usually am in love with, but I am struggling this week with my motivation.  I suppose it happens to the best of us.

Despite my lack of eagerness to wake up early to jump on the treadmill, I had a pretty decent week and still hit my paces while watching America's Next Top Model.  

Since it has cooled down a little bit I have noticed pushing the stroller to feel easier, so Bentz has joined me for my cool downs which has rocked.  He's so cute all tired and in Halloween pajamas.

^^I tell ya, if you haven't bought Lipsense yet, do it.  This is the next morning for crying out loud.

My long run went alright, I still can't decide how I feel about it.  I hit all my paces just fine and had a 4 mile cool down at the end which was the hardest part.  :P  I literally ran up and down one street because it was the only one with any shade left, so crafty am I.  I was chatting with Ben this morning after he had a great 18-1/2 miler at an "easy" pace of 7:45, about how I am feeling the least confident about this marathon coming up.  Usually I am running paces faster than my goal pace and I'm feeling pretty solid in what I'm aiming to run, but this time I'm feeling much more tired at the end of my runs and my recovery is much longer afterwards.  Ben is great at reminding me what I'm capable of when you remove a couple degrees and that's nice to hear because he does know my running pretty well by now and I value his insight.

Check out the new kicks tho.

And the balloons of course.  They were all taking off from the left side where you can kinda see a bunch of them on the ground still.

About a month ago we started a new thing where after my run, Ben quickly works out while Bentz and I frequent the park, then we go grab bagels and breakfast and eat on the patio!

It's a pretty epic tradition, we should have started it years ago!

Two weeks until the taper and they will be pretty intense with at least one 20 miler, if not two.  We shall see!  #Iwillsurvive  Meanwhile I have been working on picking out my outfit and I think I have it nailed down.  The color I'm going with is TURQUOISE.  


  1. Good luck with your marathon!! You are amazing and I love your shoes!!! Your little baby boy is growing up so fast. He is darling!!

  2. I love the hot air balloons! Your son is such a hoot; such a cutie!!