Week 14: 20 miles

Going into this weekend's 20 miler I was not really looking forward to it, which if you know me you know that is rare.  I live for my Saturday morning long runs!  I'm not sure why I was feeling this way, but if I were to guess it would probably be somewhat due to watching the news and hearing that a heat wave was coming in for the weekend and I knew that meant I would struggle in the latter part of the run, which is already the toughest part anyway.  I don't know why I am surprised, I mean I do live in Arizona, and I did pick a fall marathon, soooo...

I came up with the idea to start on the treadmill while it was dark out, then dart out for the last 16/faster miles, and it was perfect!

At mile 15.75 I hear a "honk honk" and I look over to my right to see this hot guy with hot pink/green sunglasses hauling a cute baby boy in the backseat.  "HOW YA DOIN'???"  "Good!  Almost to my cool down!!"  Nothing like a nice boost at the end of my last mile, and then some nice cold water!!

I had 10 miles at race pace and I am still not exactly sure what that will be so I was shooting for a 9:00 and ended up averaging an 8:52.  Finally a long run where I am slowing down instead of dying.

Almost all of my weekday miles were treadmill!  I am adjusting at this point, it's not so bad after a few weeks.  I actually look forward to watching my reality tv shows and if I only watch them while I'm on the 'mill, it makes me excited for the next day, to see what happens.  WHO IS GOING TO GET ELIMINATED??  Last year I watched all of the seasons (like 25) of The Amazing Race via Amazon Prime, and it was the best treadmill distraction.  That show is literally the best.

The many adventures of stretching with a toddler.  Usually he is climbing on me so the high chair is a nice solution.  DO YOU WANT SOME APPLE!??   "APPO DEEZ"

Not safe my cute child:
^^I take these pics to send to Ben all day long.  The adventures of BC.

Ben had his 20 miler this morning, his longest run ever so I'm pretty proud of him.  Last week he ran an 18-1/2 miler and the rest of the day it was like he never even went running, while after my 18 miler it was impossible to get me off the couch last weekend, I was DONE.  My recovery has been rough this marathon cycle.  Ben said he had a harder run for his 20 miler but that it was also a good eye opener because last week he was thinking, "maybe I should make my goal a faster one," while this week he was like, "...no."

Our next couple of weeks things are kind of mixed up compared to what we've been running this month.  I have downhill sprints on the road, a split long run of 17 miles, and my mileage will be coming down a little.  Then in a week it's officially taper.

That's all for now I think.  I also think this upcoming week will be a great one for training!  <3 weeks!



  1. 20 milers are huge, I always tell myself I only have a 10k left lol. You guys are looking solid for the marathon.

    Adventures of BC is awesome lol

  2. Congrats on your 20 miler. Sounds like you're getting close! I will have to remember the high chair trick when my little one gets a bit more mobile. I'm fortunate that he's just at the rolling stage right now. :O)