Week 15: Taper Time

Another week has come and gone in the blink of an eye, actually 15 weeks now, so it's time to taper!  Although this week wasn't as intense as last week so I'd say we peaked last weekend.  I have been doing two week tapers for the marathon but it feels like I've been reaching my limits and passing them over and over this cycle (I have just been feeling exhausted), so I think that's why this week was toned back.  I was happy about it!  It's also nice when you view 15 miles as "only 15 miles."  That is a good spot to be in mentally I would think.

I'm so giddy about the skeleton font.  lol

This week I also realized that I have had an increase in fitness!!!  It's been freaking hot and tough a lot of the time these past months, but now it's motivating to see it is starting to pay off.  I had a solid 20 miler last week, and this weekend my 15 miler was the best.

15 miles:  3 mile warmup + 8 at race pace (9ish, still TBD) + 4 cool down

Unfortunately I have had a little bit of hip pain this week but I think it's my IT band so I'm hoping to really looooooosen up these next two weeks.  I was nervous all week about my upcoming 15 miler and Charlie said to at least shoot for eight if I could, so I'm relieved when it went well enough to get the whole workout in.  Ben and I were talking the other night about how running is such a relief from stress, but sometimes it causes more stress than it relieves.  :P

I am listening to Christmas as I type this.  KELLY CLARKSON.


Funny.  Bentz has been waking up between 5-5:30 lately (WTF) and yesterday he woke up before I left on my long run.  lol!!  Poor Ben.  He did not look amused about sleeping in until 5:30.

So they surprised me on my route!  I was in the middle of my set so I didn't stop which now I think was dumb.  I should have stopped for my sweet fam.

Having Bentz wake up at the butt crack of dawn means I had to tempo run with the stroller for the first time, instead of the 'mill.  He's pretty dang cute.

It was super cloudy and suuuuper nice out.

We've started doing some downhill sprints at "moderate effort" to prepare our legs for some of the downhill and I think that's what aggravated my IT band, plus coming off the 20 miler a couple days prior.

If you go to FINDHILLS.COM you can see the grades of your route, or find a hill to train on.

This week I also obtained my throw-away coat from Goodwill's Halloween 1/2 off sale.  $7 WELL spent.  I am excited for the leg warming this one will have in comparison to others I've had.  

And finally our post run breakfast and Jamba.  I love my family!

Who knew you could write so much about running.  

Have a happy Halloween!!


  1. Love that coat! Have fun tapering!

  2. I need that coat, fashionable and functional, awesome lol.

    I ran into the same downhill issues a few weeks back. Every time I came to a downhill section in training I was bombing it with max effort. My ITB started to get tight. Pulled back on the effort and focused more on form and foot plant. Tightness went away.

    Good luck with taper, race will be here in no time.

    1. Interesting you should say that because my coach looked at my downhill splits and messaged me to really slow it down this week on the downhill. It's just so fun to fly down the hill!

    2. I told my coach the same thing. I love bombing downhill. Especially technical trails where I'm navigating a lot. Its that edge of out of control. Of course if I fall I'm doing some real damage lol

  3. Sweet coat. I'd have a hard time parting with that!