YMCA 1/2 Marathon & Week 12!

This race was a lot of fun and really tough!!  I knew it would be so it didn't come as a surprise, so I had fun and just loved racing again.  It's been five months!  Plus it is always a boost having my family and brother come cheer me on.  

Can you tell we all got up early?  lol

The Y Race half marathon/10k/5k is at South Mountain, a pretty popular location to hike/run in Phoenix!  Since we don't live really nearby, it was our first time venturing to the area, and it was really desert-y and pretty.  Despite it being almost 80 degrees at the start, I was still excited to explore the park and its hills via running!!  Bring it. 

122 1/2 marathoners, 70+ 10kers, 200+ 5ks and we all had different start times with the half being FIRST!  Thank heavens.  Bentz started to cry when I kissed him goodbye and got in line, it was precious, I love our little boy.

The first few miles were pretty uneventful despite starting on an incline, I just ran by feel and conservatively to avoid burning my legs right up.

A bunch of the first half is downhill, but I tell you it is hard to run fast and enjoy the downhill because the whole time you're like "WTF I HAVE TO RUN BACK UP THIS??"  It rolls a lot and at parts it drops steeply and instead of a WEEEE it is more like an EFFF.

Those miles downhill weren't super eventful and the bump at the very bottom had some shade covering from the mountain itself, so that was a chance to cool down a bit.

Things were going pretty well until mile 9 when running uphill towards the sun was getting so roasty and exhausting.  I was thirsty, I started taking walk breaks and every time I hit an aid station it was like winning the jackpot!  It was hard to leave those aid stations behind so I'd douse myself, drink, and pep talk myself into the next glorious uphill stretch.  Then head down, push on!

The last few miles were downhill but with a lot of rollers and by then I was feeling every rolling hill, especially mile 12!!  That hill was rude!!  The last mile felt the longest/hottest but I was still able to kick it in -- hoorah!  And they handed me this massive, sparkly medal which was awesome.

I love the desert.

My official stats:

Get this, the first female finished in 1:26.  I was shocked that she ran that course in one hour, twenty six minutes, so I looked her up on Athlinks out of sheer curiosity and she has run a 2:46 marathon.  Um yeah.  Nothing like racing along with somebody who is one minute shy of the Olympic Trials!  How would it be to run that fast??

Week 12 was a step back week but my legs are sure not feeling the step back in mileage after that race, but this week I get to at least tone back the pace for the first half.  This morning I ran so slow.  lol  I had rigor mortis legs.

Ben had a distance PR this week with a 17 miler and has been rocking his training and I'm getting excited for his first marathon experience.  He's going to rock it.  We're going to talk goals this week with Charlie but I think his should be in the 3:1X.  He's a really smart and talented runner and I have no doubt he'll do great!

< 5 weeks to go!

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