A Visit to Disneyland!

Some of my fondest childhood memories come from our Disneyland vacations!  I remember them vividly, even the hotel we would stay at, the waiter who would serve us at the same restaurant year after year, seeing Farley the Fiddler and having him do Turkey in the Straw (ha ha ha), and don't forget our matching UTAH tee shirts and fanny packs.  MEMORIES!!

That being said, I put on my 32 things list (and 31 things list) to take B3 to Disneyland!  Ben is not a huge Disneyland fan (which confuses me to the highest levels of confusion), but he enjoys seeing B3 experience anything, so two days after the race we all took our hardly recovered bodies to DISNEYLAND!

By hardly recovered, ...we could not walk at all!!  I had never been that sore after a race before, and my mom had to chase B3 because he really could have gotten away.  lol

I thought B3 would love Cars Land now that he's a little older, well, he was terrified of both Mater and Lightning McQueen!  I think they were just a little too massive in person.

He was terrified of Farley, just like last year.  He liked Jack Skellington though, which is really random!


We are friends with Jack.  ;)

We weren't sure what he was thinking on the ride, or if he was scared or something because he was so serious faced and clingy, then he started waving and saying HI!! 

I'm not sure if he knew what to think about it all but he was pretty happy so I think that's a good sign.

We only spent a few hours at the park before he was ready for a nap, and we were all hobbling around and called it a day!  That is a perk of getting in for free.  :P 

Ben is the more fun parent, but when B3 is tired or hurts himself then he wants his mommy, and I do love that and HIM.

Hopefully he'll remember some of this trip.  Probably won't, but hopefully!

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