Are you a MANIAC?

If you're a runner you're probably aware of the group Marathon Maniacs because there are always a bunch of them at races in their psychedelic colored Marathon Maniacs gear!  They are a crazy, insane, but fascinatingly inspiring breed, and I got to chatting with one for a few miles during Mt. Charleston, where she said to me, "it's all in here," while pointing to her head.  THAT was the first time I actually considered that perhaps my newer found love for the marathon distance could mean I am sipping the water already, and maybe I want MORE of it.

Can I BQ?
Rewind to after Mt. Charleston where I was eager to set fall goals, like, should I consider going for a BQ?  I'm getting faster, if I keep this up I could possibly BQ?

^^Mt. Charleston

Canyon City is fast, but I would need to run a 3:32ish to get in, and THAT sounds freaking impossible.  But my coach said he thinks I can do it, so do I try now or wait two years until I only need a 3:37??  WHAT DO I DO??  Or do I put this all on hold and try for a baby brother??

18-343hrs 05min 00sec3hrs 35min 00sec
35-393hrs 10min 00sec3hrs 40min 00sec

Thennnn I got injured and my progression turned to the opposite and I found myself sidelined for a bit and my idea of getting faster and BQing this year basically disappeared, which was fine, there's always next year, or the next year, or the next year, or the next bazillion years.  If nothing else, eventually my age will catch up.

I thought I should add that when I started training with my coach a year ago, he said that he typically sees his clients get faster for 4-6 years after they start pushing themselves.  That's why it's common to see somebody run a 4:30 marathon and a few years later somehow whip out a 3:15, or a much, much faster time!  I thought this was an interesting and motivating thought.

Fall Goals
Anyways, back to setting fall goals.  I knew a BQ wasn't going to be on the fall radar but my coach was confident that I would be up and running for the fall and for Canyon City in November, so we signed up.  (I should add this will Ben's first FULL 26.2!)  I love Canyon City, it's really pretty!  The weather in Cali is pretty stable and the course is fast and near my sister's house, so it just is a no-brainer race to do.  Plus I LOVE Revel because you get all the perks:  FREE pictures, FREE video, food galore, huge medals, etc.

But running a fall marathon wasn't enough.  Especially if I might not be able to PR.  I needed something MORE.  That's when I started thinking about Marathon Maniacs and wondered if I could channel Canyon City into a qualification level of sorts, so I talked to Ben about the idea and not only did he like the idea, he wanted in, TOO.

Finding the RACE
The easiest way to qualify for MM is running two marathons in two weeks.  This was unofficially the official plan, and I got online to research marathons that were within two weeks of Canyon City, preferably AFTER since I would be coming off injury.  The complicated part of this is we have a little toddler, so we obviously can't both run a race in another random state at the same time!  Since Canyon City is by my sister, my mom comes out and she and my bro-in-law hang with the B3 while we all run; it's essentially a family affair.

Anyway, I had to find two marathons in the same city, a couple days apart MAX, all within two weeks after Canyon City.  I was up for the challenge, I'm the race finding master.

I first came up with Dallas where they have a few small marathons in a row.  They are pretty small races and you do a bunch of loops, but it was an option!

Then I came across SEATTLE.  Never been there, except to connect to run the Great Wall of CHINA.  Then I discovered the Seattle GHOST marathon, essentially the same location, but one day prior.  OMG, cue. the. angels, FOUND IT.


Long story short (bahaha), maybe you've noticed on my weekly training recaps that there is a picture of SEATTLE on one side and Canyon City on the other, but we're now tapering for two marathons.  Barring anything disastrous happening, in a few weeks we will be Maniacs too!

As you can see, this one is a little hilly, but I'm sure it'll be cold so I'll be fine.  Time goal or not, it's still TBD.  One at a time, one at a time.  I'm not quite of maniac mentality.  



  1. I've been eyeing the Marathon Maniacs qualifying list, too. I'm hoping to run my 2nd marathon next fall...if I don't run into too many injuries, maybe I'll see if I can find another race within two weeks. For me - it's a long ways off, but fun to think about. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you stay injury free and that everything lines up so you (and your fella) can be Maniacs.

    1. I'm like you, I like to put some races on the radar way in advance because it helps me get excited and motivated.

      Thank you!

  2. This is crazy talk. But just crazy enough to have me interested. Research begins now lol