OdySea Aquarium

Earlier this month my dad came into town and one day we went to the new Aquarium (✓32 while 32)!  It opened two and a half months ago so we were waiting for crowds to die down and all the exhibits to be filled before we ventured through it, and it wasn't crowded this day so the plan worked out fabulously.  It's always fun having my dad in town and Bentz sure adores him!

They have a big petting area and Bentz was pretty intrigued.  This is a really fun age to take him on new adventures; you can just see the wheels spinning in his head non-stop.

We walked by the penguin exhibit/show and our little sensitive guy looked up and saw the big penguin statues on the sides, and immediately got scared of them.  lol  It was sweet, he was hugging me sooooooo tightly and I couldn't get him to look up at the cute little penguins being fed so we'll try again another day.

These fish weren't even swimming, just chillin' there.  Grumpy fish.

The escalator went through a tunnel of fish which was pretty awesome.  I was wondering why it was such a slow escalator, but ..makes sense.

If I was a fish...

This was B3's favorite exhibit I would say.  He loved finding Nemo over and over and over and over again.  :)

This was a pretty cool exhibit (below).  It was a regular theater you sat in that would rotate like a carousel!  You would rotate to view different parts of this fish tank:  sharks, sea lions, turtles, etc., while learning about them.  For instance, they have two really big turtles that were both rescued!  One is missing two flippers and the other has a condition called "bubble butt" where he has too much air in his shell at the butt, and it causes him to have his butt float upwards as he swims.  :) 

The carousel was nice because you would rotate and stop for only about 3-4 minutes, then rotate again, and that was the perfect time for a toddler's attention span.

My dad always buys the pictures for memories sake, even if they did Photoshop my leg to be skinnier without my permission.  ;)

We will be back, probably when B3's a hair older so we can spend more time at each exhibit, but it was a fun day!