Seattle Marathon!

"Oooo is your skirt a part of your fanny pack??"

"It's like you have a snackbar on your waist!" 

I heard both of these in the hotel lobby.  haha

The Seattle Marathon was amazing!  We flew out on Thursday (Thanksgiving!  hoorah for Subway being open for sandwiches!) and Ben's race was Saturday morning while mine was Sunday, so we had a little bit of play time.  More on that lata.

Friday night we were in bed and I was thinking about how the Seattle Marathon wasn't all that great about communicating because I didn't think I got one email from them about race day.  Then I was surfing Facebook and saw they had posted a link to sign up for tracking, so I tried to, but my name wasn't found.  I started to panic and I searched all over my emails and yup, never signed up for it!!  My heart seriously dropped.  The whole Seattle vacation was planned around the races and I signed Ben up for his but forgot to sign my own friggin' self up.  Gah.  Luckily their website said they had Expo registration, but I was pretty stressed until I got to it and they took my money.  Note to self, when you sign up for multiple races at once, make sure you double check you got them ALL.

Anywho, going into this race I was concerned about what to wear because the temperatures were nice for racing (low/mid 40s and cloudy) but the chance for rain was always so high and that could take a perfect temperature to FREEZING in just a few miles.  I get hot while running, in AZ I run in a tank all year round even when we dip below freezing (we're always sunny though), so I did not want to overdress, but I didn't want to end up cold and miserable either.  I went for a tank with arm sleeves and gloves, plus my tights I never get to wear (double hoorah) and I planned to wear a trash bag if it was raining.  :D  I also opted out of my wireless headphone JIC.

The goal for this race was HAVE FUN, run easy on the legs, and actually pay attention to all of the surroundings, which I did.  It was beautiful, rainy, green, and hilly.  I felt like I was in a different country!

The marathon didn't start until 8:15 and we stayed at the Hyatt Place which was less than 800 meters from the start, so I basically woke up without an alarm, which was a gloriously unheard of way to start a marathon morning.  I think that was sleeping in an extra 5 hours compared to Revel.  :P  After a quick bagel we were off to the start, aka the Space Needle.

Usually I am strict on my diet the week of, but this time I didn't give two thoughts to it since I had no time goal and it was vacaaation.  I also started the race with zero nerves and just excitement.  Running without a goal is a different experience and made me fall more in love with the distance!  I am pretty sure I got new wrinkles from a 4+ hour perma-smile nobody or thing could wipe off my face, including "the hill" at mile 21.  lol  That hill.  OMG.

So the race was awesome, the weather drizzled a tiny bit for a few miles in the middle but nothing too bad, they closed the Express Freeway lanes and we ran out on the bridge and through a long tunnel and I remember thinking, SO AWESOME, I WISH BEN WAS RUNNING THIS TOO.

We ran miles around Seward park (a little island) with the ocean right alongside us the whole way, then at mile 11 there was a girl standing with a sign while wearing a shark costume.  Can this get ANY BETTER??

The first and last 10k+s have a lot of hills but the middle miles are fairly little rollers, so I settled in at 9:30 and felt good.  My legs did start to feel a little beat up around 18 miles and my IT band knee pain was growing, but I was happy because I figured my body wasn't yet fully recovered from Revel and it was doing pretty marvelously.

Course profile:

The hills started again close to mile 20 and holy crap, they didn't stop!!  It felt like the last 10k was uphill.  I had heard about mile 21 and the monster hill that I'd face, and it was pretty monsterish.  At the time I was so proud for not having to walk, but it was verrrry slow and painful and some guy passed me while he was walking.  :P

The last couple of miles were back in the city and it was raining and chilly by then, then there was a steeper hill right in the final 600 meters (rude!  lol) before we turned to finish in the stadium!  And for some reason I looked straight at Ben's head peaking out of the crowd.  HI!!  :)

Finish:  4:17:45

^^Wahoo!  I used to think they were psycho, then I wanted to be one.  :P

The medal was pretty small but it has the Space Needle on it and the #s "26.2" pretty big, and of course it's gold!

After I finished we walked back to the hotel and ten minutes later we boarded our scheduled shuttle to the airport!  When we booked the trip we didn't check the time of the marathon start, so we did end up cutting it too close for comfort, but we had a plan in place and decided not to stress about the what ifs.  All went well, I just had to come in under 4:30.

Just over an hour after I crossed the finish line we were sitting at our gate (EATING A MCGRIDDLE!!).

Next year they are changing the route due to construction on the bridge or something, but I would recommend the race for sure!  Especially if you live in the desert because it's polar opposite up there.  I loved it!  By the end of the trip I was ready for some sunshine though, but the trip was a nice "cold fix" and the rest of the trip was super Christmas-y festive in downtown Seattle!

And now my 2016 racing plans are complete which makes me both happy and sad.  I have to run about 25 miles in December to hit 1000 for the year, but 2016 is disappearing fast and it was an epic and memorable year for running.  I'm not sure what's next, actually maybe a Jingle Bell 5k and for the PF Chang's 5k in January for sure, then maybe in two years I'll try to qualify for Boston!  After this race my coach messaged me, "I really want to see you get to Boston."


This was so long, holy mother.


  1. Wow! I'm glad you had such an awesome race. I can't believe you were able to enjoy it so much after having just run another freakin' marathon two weeks ago. You are a stud and a serious inspiration! Way to go lady!!! (liberal use of exclamation points totally justified) :O)

    1. Thanks!! You really ought to try one, I know you can do it! :D

  2. Perma smile lol

    Glad you had a great race. Omg i would of been a mess of i found out I forgot to register.

    Congrats on a solid 2016.