Week 16: It's the Final Countdown.

Week 16 was a pretty good week and the weather was b-e-a-utiful!!  It sounds like everyone on the west coast had a warm October, but we're now hovering around average temps thus the mornings are crisp and perfect for running.

We've been doing hill decline repeats once a week and we are supposed to do these ones outdoors so we can get our legs used to the impact of the road, and that's been a little tough for me to fit in right now because the days are so short.  (Our treadmill declines so I usually stick to it for elevation runs.)  One night I didn't get them in until almost 9pm!  I have had the boys come sit on the corner of the hill, and I get my repeats in while they keep me safe :) then they follow me home in the dark with the car flashers on.  :)

Man, nighttime running is sooo fun/cool/quiet, I wish that the world didn't have any creepers so I could do all my runs in the dark.

Bentz joined me a coupla times.  He insisted on bringing his ball with us.  He so cute!

I was doing my warm up on the treadmill around 5:30 and all of a sudden I see this little head peaking around the corner.  Awwwwh.  B3 doesn't yet understand the dangers of the treadmill so I usually can't run on it unless he's asleep or with Ben, but this time he let me get a couple miles in until it got light out, then we finished outside!  He watched "MININS."

I always carry mace yet never thought about using it, until this weekend!!!  Oh man.  I passed a guy who was clear across a very wide street from me going in the same direction, and he was just staring at me nonstop.  It was fairly early out and the sun hadn't peaked up plus I had just split from Ben, but there were already a bunch of cars here and there so I usually feel safe enough at that time of morning.  Still I was half expecting this guy to come runnnning at me, that's how creeped out it felt.  He looked so out of place and my alarm bells were going OFF.

So I rounded the corner and just kept my eye on him and eventually he was gone-zo.  Peace out.

45 minutes later I'm on my cool down and suddenly coming straight at me on the sidewalk, this guy!!  I ran a really random route so I have no idea how we met back up.  By then it was sunny and this was on a really busy corner so I kept going forward, trying to not be rude, and I told my paranoid self to stop judging creepy mccreeperson as ...creepy.  So I get up to him and kinda push myself in the bushes to the side as I pass, and said, "GOOD MORNING."  The guy stopped, took his hat off, turned as I passed while looking me up and down doing the eyebrow raising thing, and continued staring and I kept going.  He literally stood there and stared as I ran away.  It was so weird.  So I stared behind me for the next half mile.

The joys of being a female runner.

^^Moments before "THE ENCOUNTER"
So this is epic, though.  My dad has been here visiting and he went on a little run while we went on a walk.  It's not every day you see you dad running down the street!!  I miss the days when that was a case while growing up.  My dad is awesome.  :)

Only days to go.  Getting excited but also that nervous feeling where I kinda don't want to run this race anymore.  Does that happen to you??  I obviously DO want to run it and am stoked, but it gets overwhelming sometimes, at least the duration of time from now until about mile 5.  haha

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Sounds like that guy was super creepy. I hate it when you run into something/someone creepy and then spend the rest of your run on high alert.

    I'm still at the wonderful stage where I can put my little on in a swing or on the floor while I use my treadmill. Once he's on the move, I don't know what I'll do. :O)

    1. That's the BEST stage ever! I remember B3 would love to swing and just watch me run and run and run. It's the best, right?

  2. Nothing wrong with being on alert and having that mace ready. Guy was def creepy.

    That's why I prefer the trails. Only have the wild animals to contend with lol