Weeks 17 & 18: Race & Recovery

Not finished with this training cycle quite yet.  I know.  Still chuggin' along, so I wanted to post my weekly totals for the past two weeks:  race week, recovery week 1 of 2!

Revel added some more pictures including ones from the finish line:

Usually I take a whole week off before jumping back in to it, but this time I didn't have a week to take and started back on Wednesday.  My legs were sorrrre!  But they are doing much better now except I shortened my long run from 6 to 3.5 because I ran with Ben/B3 and we were tired plus I had a toe issue.  :P

So I made a couple of dumb mistakes at Revel which resulted in me jamming my toe on the steep downhill part, which hurt and got worse as days went on, to the point that I could hardly walk!!  Holy crap, toe pain is HORRIBLE.  It woke me up one night throbbing and it was all angry looking.  I couldn't sleep and had visions of when I was in elementary school and a tiny cut on my elbow got infected, and by the time I showed my parents, I had red stripes going up my arm and had to have an IV put in asap.  So with that, I sent a quick picture to my dad who called me right up and said I had an infection and needed to start antibiotics immediately.  Apparently infection from jamming your toe is really common because bacteria can easily get in under the nail, who knew.  Sooooo after taking them for a couple of days I am already doing SO much better, thus this week running should feel more comfortable and I shouldn't die either, so that's a bonus.  :)

This is the last week of my entire fall training cycle and I am starting to get a little sad already.  That was one nice thing about finishing Revel, there were no post race blues because it was immediately time to focus on the next one.  2016 has been an awesome year for running and despite my injury, I should still hit about all of my goals.  2016 has been a memorable one for sure!  Hopefully I can top it in the next few years!

Have a wonderful week!!  Can you believe it's Thanksgiving??

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  1. Yikes, infection from a jammed joe. I get those all the time.

    2016 has been pretty interesting and isn't over for me yet. After my 50k I'll start to really look at 2017.