999 Miles & What's Next?

999 miles for the year so far (998.7 to be exact).  I will hit 1000 today!  My brother wondered how I would run my 1000th mile for the year and my sister said I should run it backwards!  :D  I will run it with my cute mini-man and the stroller!

I am 2+ weeks out from Seattle and I have been having some post marathon blues and really miss the training and long runs.  Last weekend I had six miles for my long run but bumped it to eight.  I had been planning to run a 5k this weekend (Jingle Bell Run) but today I'm changing my mind and running the Run Run Rudolph 1/2 this weekend instead.  I have three days to get excited!  And I already am stoked.  :)  No goal, just ruuuuun to Christmas music.

Afterwards I am signed up for the Arizona Rock 'n' Roll 5k in January and Ben will run the 1/2.  They are a day apart so we will each cheer each other on!

My family is coming into town for the Phoenix 1/2 in February but I haven't set up a spring schedule yet, still TBD.

I will recap 2016 racing and running at a later time, but I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it has been.  One for the BOOKS, for sure.  Life will only get busier, training will only get harder to fit in around family life, but I will top the year 2016, and hopefully with one of the next few!

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  1. We have a lot of fun races around this time of year. I'm signed up for RnR half also but man I'm regretting that, I'm digging the ultra scene right now and not too thrilled with road running...oh well we will see what happens lol