A Festive Downtown (SEATTLE II)

Black Friday in downtown Seattle kicks off with their big Macy's Christmas parade and lighting of the star on the Macy's building!  I was so happy to hear that we had arrived in time to see the parade.  Seriously, MADE MY WHOLE CHRISTMAS.

We headed downtown early to find us a spot but ended up walking around until it started because it was cold and baby boy wanted to party whenever we'd stop.  It was close to 40 degrees (freezing for us) but it was a beautiful, rainy-free day.  We even had sun!!

Christmas tree selfie fail.

Downtowns are so fun.  Especially with lots of happy Christmas people.

For my mom, the unicycle club that was in the parade.  

The parade was so long, it was awesome.

We took a short monorail trip to the Space Needle and it was the perfect day to go up and see the city!  Clear as can be, blue skies and sunshine.  Bentz was all decked in the Seahawks colors which was not planned, just happened, conveniently.

Arizona is missing one thing, an ocean.

The Santa pictures are hilarious.  I was certain he'd cry but he didn't, he just was sooooooo confused.  lol  Poor guy, mom is going to make him Santa one more time this year.  :D  But how often do you get to sit on Santa's lap at the top of the Space Needle?  Obviously I was like YES THIS IS HAPPENING.

Saturday morning was Ben's marathon so he got up and Uber'd to the start pretty early.  We had originally planned to Uber Carseat to see him finish, but the night before we had realize that Uber Carseat wasn't available in Seattle, and since you can ride in a Taxi without a carseat legally, finding a carseat taxi was impossible!  By time we needed to leave to see him finish, the 15 minute drive was closer to 30 with the traffic, and that was just too long to go without a carseat for me, plus it was a downpour, so after much time trying to find a safe way, we never made it to the race.  :/  I still feel really bad about it.

So to fill our time, Bentz and I walked to the Expo to pick up my Seattle Marathon packet (and register, since apparently I never had).  It was a downpour and gloomy, but it was fun.  We stopped at the McDonalds and grabbed a McGriddle on the way.  I'm HORRIBLE about eating while out of town, I never make time for it, but I knew I had to find some serious calories since I was running the next day.  Turns out McGriddles are less greasy than they used to be.  Freaking delicious, actually.  I would even like one right now.

Anywho, tangent, on the way back to our hotel I got Ben's finish line phone call and I was relieved all went well with his race despite no fam support.

Naptime while waiting for dad to get back from his race!  Ben was drenched through and through, and his lips were BLUE.

That evening we ventured out for pizza at Serious Pie!  It was still a downpour but tons of people were out shopping and having fun.  It felt very festive downtown.

Pacific Place snows inside!  That was so fun.  The best kind of snow.

The big star after it was lit!

Christmas tree selfie, a bit blurry.  The other ones have B3's balloon covering the tree.  :P

Then it was off to bed to get a little rest before my race.

B3 was a champ on both flights, he just slept!  Coming home was a pretty rough flight that the flight attendants couldn't come through the cabin and we had to sit the whole time.  We were so nauseated!  And afraid for our lives while trying to land.  :P

But he never noticed.  :)

So refreshing to get away with my family.  I think we should plan some more random adventures and explore some other cities.


  1. That looks AMAZING!! Neil is in Seattle this week, I'm going to tell him to find that indoor snow!!

  2. Looks like so much fun. I love downtown Seattle at Christmas time.