Best Time of Year

Christmas is coming way too fast despite mentally decking the halls in October (August, who are we kidding, once we dipped below 110 w/a fall chill in the air).

Must dos before Christmas arrives:

-Drink more hot chocolate

-Watch more Christmas movies:  Home Alones, Christmas Vacation, Elf, Grinch, Christma w/the Kranks lol

-Listen to more Christmas music (it's already on all day everyday but I just feel like I'm working and can't enjoy it as much as I could)

-Wrap presents

-Wear a Santa hat

-See Christmas lights (Temple Square?)

-Wear my snowflake earrings

-Play more Christmas on the piano

-Run a holiday race

-Enjoy Phoenix December

-Put a vintage (and slightly embarrassing) Christmas outfit on B3

-Get a timer for our lights so I don't have to unplug them at my early bedtime  :)

-Visit Santa.  Again.

-Bake desserts, Jan 1 is rapidly arriving.

-Switch out the Scentsy pretty much daily to get all my holiday scents smelled

-Take pictures of the cacti in lights and giant nutcrackers at the mall

-Eat the treats our Realtor dropped off (Ben you didn't see this, no treats here)



I hope you are having a MERRY CHRISTMAS!  9 days, soak it up.  :)


  1. I"m going to use some of your list!! I need to enjoy this all much more!!

  2. Great list!! Hey is that all the lights you have on the house?!?! We put a good amount of lights up but don't go crazy, my favorite is a Santa count down clock that we have on the house. Everyone loves it

    1. Yes -- waaah!! NEXT year we're decking the halls!

  3. I love Christmas - I'm sad that it's getting close so fast. ...also, I'm crocheting slippers as gifts and time is running out - yikes!