November to December to CHRISTMAS w/a Toddler

We are watching TREMORS right now (it is amazing btw) so I figured it'd be a good time for a quick pop-in since I have been a little preoccupied with work to post about Seattle!  Every time I think I'm catching up with work, another three projects roll in.  Right now I'm working on a Fire Station and an RC Willey in Cali!  Maybe sometime I will post some more about my job.

Anywho, I am officially a Marathon Maniac and got my number, #13405!  I also am about to order my pink singlet.  :D

We are practicing Christmas at our house in full force and aside from our green/red carriage lights, and little Christmas tree lighting up in the front window, we bought a reindeer which fills me with SO MUCH JOY.  We have been trying to move for a little while now so we decided not to buy more Christmas decorations until next year.  I can't wait to REALLY deck the halls like my mom does, and then also have a place to store it.  :D  Arizona doesn't have basements and we can't store in the attic (hey 403497 degrees in the summer), so storing things is a little more difficult.

Our Christmas tree is soooo pathetic.  I did put ornaments on the whole thing but that didn't last, so I said forget it and didn't even put the star on.  Sometimes I would randomly catch B3 with a candy cane.  lol  So it's not really worth the trouble this year, but it looks festive-ish when the lights are on.  haha 

Don't get me wrong, we're drinking s'mores and cookies 'n' cream hot cocoa, drinking apple cider, and smelling the season 24/7 when walking through our doors!  Plus ask Ben how many times I've put on a Christmas movie like Home Alone, and you'll come to realize how I decked the halls mentally a long time ago.

My mom's neighbors go waaaay out so she bought this reindeer that is seriously two stories tall (although it looks smaller here, it's NOT) and put up a ditto sign.  lol

Bentz is SO CUTE these days.  We're also back to him sitting on my lap for hours each day, and he usually also ends up in bed with us each night.  The other night he woke up at 5am so I flopped him into our bed and put a pillow barrier up while I ran to the bathroom, then as I was walking back to our bed I heard him rolling and I caught his foot as he face planted onto my night table.  :(  Poor guy.  #momfail

A couple things about him:

-Knows a lot of words/sayings by now, but still prefers to babble and ramble on and on an on and onnnn

-Loves to talk on the phone while doing other things, like putting toys away.  It's hilarious.  While on a conference call with Ben and our coach the other day, Ben and Charlie were talking so I muted me, and Bentley talked the WHOLE time too.  lol

-Loves bacon and is back on a mixed veggies kick.  Randomly stopped his obsession with bell peppers.

-Still loves his Pediasure everyday.  Juice please.  Or "duce deez."  He weighed in at 4-6% at his 2 year appointment so we're still Pediasuring it up everyday.

-Wears his Cars slippers all day long, every single day.  They were 8$ last year and man have we gotten a lot of use out of them.  Maybe we should buy him some more!

-I have no intentions of potty training until he's three (I like diapers more than cleaning my carpet), but he comes to me when he pees etc. and says "uh oh," and wants a new diaper.  "New diapuh."  We go through a lot of diapers sometimes.  In the morning the first thing he says is, "ohhh noooo," while grabbing his diaper.  Time for a "new diapuh."

-Has a big boy trundle bed but we haven't put him in it yet.  #1 I have to mentally prepare for the multiple night awakenings during the adjustment, #2 I will miss him in our bedroom.  I remember when he was a newborn trying to get him to sleep in his own nursery as quickly as possible because that's what I was taught to do in our classes.  Then we missed him and this past summer even moved his crib into our room.  :P  I LOVVVVE having him in our bedroom.  I admit I don't sleep as well when he's in our bed because I have to constantly make sure he doesn't snuggle/kick (sometimes that's synonymous) Ben's head because Ben has to get up early for work, but Bentz sleeps in my arm with his head on my pillow, and my hand wraps around him and rests on his belly.  We've done it for so long (since he was a newborn!) that when I put him in bed, he snuggles me and places my hand on his belly.  Sometimes I make is all night, sometimes I wake up four hours later with a dead arm, but it's the best!!  On nights he makes it through the whole time in his crib, I actually get a little sad.  :P

-Loves to watch dogs, "DAWS," on YouTube.  We can get him excited for bed if we tell him he gets to watch DAWS.  Sometimes he'll go get Ben's iPad and turn on DAWS for himself.  I have no idea how kids are so smart.

-Loves this blocks/#s/counting toy.  Plays with it for hours every single day.  He's sooo obsessed, and he gets it right every time too.  Now that I mention that he always gets it right, I notice there is a blue one out of place.  haha

He is so cute, I could go on forever and I need to more on my blog, because we treasure him so much and are blessed he calls us mommy and daddy.  "Mommie, daddia."

Awwwh!!  Time for me to go to bed before he falls asleep.

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  1. Congrats on becoming a Marathon Maniac - that's amazing! When I'm back up to running full steam, I might add this to my goal list.

    Your little man is adorable! There have definitely been a few times when our little guy is sleeping and I miss him and have to snag a snuggle - especially on the weekends. I'm not sure what I'll do when he's big enough to have to move him to his own room.