Traveling on Thanksgiving (SEATTLE I)

^^There were green apples in the lobby and we could never pass by without him snatching one.  lol

The only time I had ever been to Seattle was for a layover to get to China last year, so I was excited because it would be a total change of pace from sunny Arizona.

I am usually so uptight when we travel and I get stressed about everything with a baby/toddler (there is soooo much stuff), so this time around we planned it so that we could shuttle to our hotel (shuttle w/a carseat) and be within walking distance to everything except Ben's race, so we wouldn't need to lug the huge carseat.  HUGE win.  We had two checked suitcases and two carry-on backpacks = easiest traveling ever!  Plus the little umbrella stroller.

First time flying in his very own seat like a big boy!  He liked taking off, thought it was fun!  Then he zonked right out for a couple hours, and woke up just in time to have his ears hurt him as we descended.  :( 

Anyways, I focused on enjoying the trip instead of stressing and I think I did pretty well.  It was freezing when we arrived, and a major downpour!!  Get this though, we forgot the umbrella.  lol  But we were ready to adventure!!

Checking in to The Hyatt Place, downtown.  We were close to The Space Needle, essentially the start of the marathon a couple days later!

Seattle is pretty fantastic!  Any big city next to the ocean is, though, I swear.  It was hilly and the streets weren't the easiest to navigate so I was glad we weren't driving ourselves around.  Our hotel was the perfect location to get around on foot (Hyatt Place Downtown), and it also shuttled us anywhere within a mile, which was nice when we didn't want to walk back in a downpour.

Our very first adventure out from the hotel was horribly memorable.  lol  It was Thanksgiving so we wanted to find something super nearby that was open because it was kind of a creepy ghost town downtown, plus rainy and dreary which contributes to that mood.  The hotel had a list of open restaurants they'd take us too, but we wanted something simple and fast with a toddler so we bundled up in clothes we hardly ever wear, and ventured out on foot, first stopping across the street at Walgreens for an umbrella and Monster, of course.

^^You know you bought the boots well too big when they fit a year later.  :P

Not even a block from the hotel, I got a whiff of this HORRIBLE SMELL, turned my head, and walah, there was a guy taking a dump on the sidewalk, an image FOREVER IN MY HEAD.  I don't think Ben and I got over that first impression for over a day.  It lingered (in more ways than one)!  It was seriously the worst ever and I felt like a bad parent like we shouldn't be taking our kid around the area!

The rest of the trip was totally different though.  Seattle redeemed its-poopy-self.

Anyways, we grabbed Subway sandwiches and beelined it back to the hotel where we hung out and enjoyed doing nothing for the rest of the day because we had holiday plans in store starting very early the next day, with much hope of a festive Seattle experience.  Apparently this was one of the best times of year to visit SEATTLE.  Who knew??  I mean, I totally knew that when we booked the trip.  :P

Content as.

A hotel room.  So much entertainment for a toddler.

We went to bed watching a Chrisley Knows Best marathon.  Never heard of them before but extra entertaining and I admit I want to track down more episodes.  A nice way to forget the new found skepticism about Seattle.  :P


  1. Oh man, that made me shutter :( nasty!!

  2. I had a very similar situation in downtown Seattle. My fella and I were walking and a saw thing guy start to pull down his pants and squat down... fortunately quick reflexes allowed us both to miss the main event and we high-tailed it away before we saw anything we couldn't un-see. I hope the rest of your experience was a good one.