A Very Mall-y Christmas (UTAH II)

My mom plays the piano at the mall and each Christmas we venture over to hang out by the fireplace that's by the piano, and listen to her awesome Christmas tunes (she's amazing!).  James just happened to be videoing her playing when the funniest thing happened in the background.  I think I about died.

I am horrible and just sat there laughing to death since they were fine, and some nice guy came from across the floor to help Ben up.  haha 

James told me to elliptical with straight legs.

This is my favorite picture from the entire Christmas vacation (below).

On Christmas Eve I joined her and we played Christmas duets!!  That we had practiced exactly zero times so we got progressively better by the end.  lol

B3 enjoyed dancing.

The guys went to some borrrring movie so we + B3 got on an interactive Christmas lights map and went looking for the best.

The leg lamp in the window...

We found the Griswold's...

My mom's house...

Their house made it on the interactive map.  lol  The "Ditto House."  I aspire to decorate like my mom in the future!!

That's all for now!  My family all pools their Christmas photos into one Google photo album, so you can imagine how many pictures I still have.  Be excited.  :D


  1. Wow! That is one impressive decorating. I love everything about this post. I would of done the same thing and laughed my butt off as well. What mall does your mom play the piano at? That looks like a really nice mall.

  2. Oh my gosh! LOL at Ben falling off the couch!!