Flyin' Early to Christmas (UTAH I)

We did a lot of traveling in the past couple of months (Cali, Seattle, Utah) so we took the super early/late flights for Christmas, which helps on costs!  That meant getting up at the lovely hour of 3:00 to catch the 6:15 flight!  But it was Christmas time so there was plenty of excitement to get us going.

Usually we drive the 9+ hours for Christmas, but after five trips where each one we hit terrible weather, last year we decided we were donzo with that.  I get stressed driving in the snow and that stress has grown since having a little one, so the plan this year was to fly up to Utah and drive long only one time:  one hour on Christmas afternoon.  The rest would be done via TRAIN/TRAX.  (Our Christmas afternoon drive was in a BLIZZARD though.  Go figure.  lol)

The benefit of waking up at 3:15 is the little guy was ready for a nap and he zonked right out.  I think he associates plane rides with sleeping because he likes to cozy right up.   He wanted me to hold his head like so (below), and I'm all about sacrifice for my ADORABLE boy, but there are times when you just have to draw the line.  haha

Welcome to Salt Lake City at 7:30 in the mernin'!  We should still be sleepin'.

Meeting up with my mom, Bentz sure gets happy.  He loves being around my family!  My mom was awesome for picking us up.  We had planned to take the train because of the early flight and she was like, "no, you have too much stuff!" and drove through a stormy rush hour to come get us.  My mom is seriously the BEST.

Sticker obsession began in the car and went for a few days.

I've mentioned my mom bought a giant two-story tall Rudolph.  Her house sits next to a really festively decorated one, so I've got some more pictures on that to come...

Feeding Romeo, the horsey.  He likes "appos," and what do you know, so does B3.  B3 takes a few bites, feeds the rest to Romeo, and repeat.  Thus we try to buy really small appos.  :)

Made it to Utah, the best trip of the year!  And after wittling down all hundreds of pictures to like 150 of them, I am so proud to finally start busting out the blog posts.  Maybe I will finish before February this year!!

I hope you had a Merry, Merry Christmas!  How on earth is it 2017?


  1. That Rudoulph is hilarious!!
    I just busted out all my December posts! I feel like it took forever!!

  2. Your mom is awesome.

    That Rudolph is ridiculous lol

  3. It looks like your little man is quite the traveler. I'm glad you guys had a safe trip and a merry Christmas.