Let's Take the Train (UTAH III)

Christmas Eve Eve started out to be really sunny day and only mildly freezing!  The mountains are so majestic along the Wasatch Front.  I'll admit I did take them for granted while growing up, waking up to monster mountains everyday, no big deal.  Living on one, for instance.

My sister and her puppy Whippet, named Jpeg, aka "Peggers."

We all jumped on the train towards downtown SLC.  I love the train, a much better alternative to driving, and more fun for all.

We had lunch planned with my boss and now retired office manager, at Happy Sumo, and my family all decided they wanted to eat at Happy Sumo too (lol).  I mean, you really can't beat Happy Sumo sushi!!!  My dad said, "we'll wear trench coats and sunglasses and sit in the corner."  haha

I just celebrated 10 years with my company!  Five years in the SLC office, five years via satellite.  So nice that my boss kept me on even after I moved to Arizona in 2011.  One of the best things for my family!

The Gateway has turned kind of raunchy since we moved and since City Creek opened up.  It was really ghetto and made me sad, but I think there are good changes in store for the area.

Bentz was SO grumpy and SO under slept.  He finally zonked out and stayed asleep for hours despite it being so cold.  He is such a champ!  When we go out of town I don't do much to keep to his schedule, and he usually adapts so well, but we sometimes encounter rough patches like on this day.

Every year I win the jackpot on the pinball machine at my moms.  I spent HOURS on that thing this year, and I nearly won it at least a dozen times, but I eventually failed miserably.  I could have had a record top score!!  The shame!!

And another random picture from the fun Christmas Eve Eve.  Bentz never does stairs so he learned how to go down big-boy style.  :)

I realize my posts are a little random, but I just can't not post the fun times.  I used to write one ridiculously long post, but I now find that blogging time is more sporadic that it's easier to focus on bits and pieces at a time.  For instance, I am in bed.  :D

I love the memories.


  1. Great pictures! I love sporadic and random blog posts. I like reading about various things other than just a blogger's running routine.

  2. ew that gateway is SO ghetto now! It freaks me out to even be near there now!