Life Lately (+ a race)

This past weekend were the Arizona Rock 'n' Roll races which were fun (obvi!).  Usually Ben and I both run the half, but it's on a Sunday and it's hard to find a babysitter on Sunday morning, so this year I did the Saturday morning 5k and Ben was signed up for the Sunday morning half.  You can do both days and get an additional medal which we also like to do, but it didn't happen this year!

Weather was PERFECT on both days.  I kind of wished I was doing the marathon, it was that perfect.  Cloudy, low 50s.

I ran a 26:11:  8:41, 8:17, 8:17, and was pleased cuz I estimated a 27:xx finish!  Ben downgraded to the 10k since he's been working through a knee thing since Seattle, and he ran a 42.  We had so much fun seeing him on the course!!  I was still counting runners when he came around the corner so I'm pretty sure he finished top 30.

We had to take a selfie with the rainbow bridge and while waiting for "da da."  

Look at the monster extra medal you get if you run 10 in a year.  One year Ben and I are determined to run for the heavy metals, although it may not be until we're empty nesters.  lol  We actually signed up to do it in 2014, then I got prego.  :)


Earlier this month-ish my in-laws were in town and wanted to see Star Wars so we all went to the theater together, then Bentz and I peeled off and saw SING across the hall instead.  There's no way I'm taking my two year old to Star Wars.  lol 

I was impressed because he lasted the whole movie like a champ.  Perhaps the contribution of a whole bag of popcorn and a Rootbeer helped.  :P  More calories in one sitting than I can get the kid to eat in a week, I swear.


On New Year's Eve, B3 had his very first haircut by my cute sister in law!  He did pretty well with the bribery of a candy cane (or two, kid can mow through those things!!).  I was sad he needed a haircut, but his mowhawk was starting to tip over so I guess it was time.


Bath bombs.  Have mercy.  I mentioned I want to try all of Lush's and I'm making pretty good progress.  Nothing like bathing my money away in quick fashion.  :P  Intergalactic is still my fav.

The Experimenter

Guardian of the Forest

Yoga Bomb
^Note I did feel a little like I was in a urine glitter bath, but it did smell delish.


Lately Bentz and I have been enjoying a new leisure activity:  WALKS.  Many of my runs turn INTO walks, or walk runs, or whaever I'm feeling like doing to get out and enjoy our beautiful weather!!  On occasion we head to Jamba.  It is amazing how many selfies are in this's another.

^^I love him!!!


Bentz got a Strider bike for Christmas!  His helmet is a little too big so we're going to have to switch it out, but he's kind of already gotten the gist of it.  

Hold on mom, my pepper.

To be continued...


  1. Great job at RnR. I've been wanting to hit a hard 10k for time. We shall see.

    I remember first haircuts for our two. Such a mwmory, I wanted to grow it out forever lol

  2. Looks like so much fun. I can't believe your little dude is big enough for a bike!