Baby #2!!

Surprise!  I am alive.  Baby #2 is on its way and we are so excited!!!

I think this is the longest break from blogging I have had in the past nine years!, but I have been sick and pretty worthless outside of growing this baby.  Due date is the same day as B3's 3rd birthday so that makes me three months along!

I will post more soon!  Running (or lack thereof), work, 8 year anniversary, Valentine's Day, Phoenix Marathon with my family, etc., plus what we've been up to.  Meanwhile, it's time to take my iron pill and will it to stay.  :P


Christmas!!! (UTAH IV)

Christmas!  Still January so I'm golden.


And now it's February that I'm finally posting this.  :P  But we are alive over here if you were wondering!

My family gets all gung ho about games and traditions.  We play Bingo, Trivia, LCR, decorate gingerbread houses, etc., each year and it's a major highlight.

This year my step-dad put all the prizes in bags with #s on them so you couldn't see what they were!  It was crafty, and fun.