Baby #2!!

Surprise!  I am alive.  Baby #2 is on its way and we are so excited!!!

I think this is the longest break from blogging I have had in the past nine years!, but I have been sick and pretty worthless outside of growing this baby.  Due date is the same day as B3's 3rd birthday so that makes me three months along!

I will post more soon!  Running (or lack thereof), work, 8 year anniversary, Valentine's Day, Phoenix Marathon with my family, etc., plus what we've been up to.  Meanwhile, it's time to take my iron pill and will it to stay.  :P



  1. Congrats. I got your hint in your last comment lol. Such a blessing. Hope the sickness subsides, my Mrs. Just started having better days.

  2. Congrats! I'm so happy for you. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  3. Hope you feel better soon, and I'm so excited for your family!