Christmas!!! (UTAH IV)

Christmas!  Still January so I'm golden.


And now it's February that I'm finally posting this.  :P  But we are alive over here if you were wondering!

My family gets all gung ho about games and traditions.  We play Bingo, Trivia, LCR, decorate gingerbread houses, etc., each year and it's a major highlight.

This year my step-dad put all the prizes in bags with #s on them so you couldn't see what they were!  It was crafty, and fun.

Quality family time.

We had a rough couple of days with Bentz so I spent part of the night with him instead of participating in the fun.  It happens [a lot when you're a mom].

Bentz was still obsessed with his stickers and went to sleep with them on his face, waiting for Santa.

It was supposed to dump on us Christmas Eve and we pleasantly awoke to the streets not even covered!

Good morning dawgies.

Christmas afternoon was reserved for our only planned longer drive of the trip, and it was a blizzazzard so I sat in the back seat.

Haha Ben didn't know this was taken.

My childhood bedroom looks nothing like it used to, but soooo many memories exist there none-the-less.  I stored over 300 pairs of shoes in this little room along with my entire life.  It looks very different (and nice) and there are only pictures of my step sisters in it, but it will always be my room.

Family time is the best time.


  1. Wow all the snow. Our friends and family play LRC all the time, so much fun.

  2. Are we ever getting an updated post?? :)