Finding out we're pregnant. V.2.0

Alright, so the story about finding out we are pregnant and such, if it is considered a story!  And a bunch of prego rambling I'm sure.  I didn't know how it would be the second time around compared to the first when you have no idea what to expect, but once again it was totally surreal (still is)!  We had planned all along to qualify for Marathon Maniacs this past fall and attempt to run myself into a burnout (DIDN'T HAPPEN, but that's okay), then jump into trying for a baby brother or sister for the following year (2017) which would put three years between B3 and baby.

We keep referring to baby as brother, but we won't know until next month.

Anyways, hours after we got home from Christmas break in Utah, we hosted a house full of family for the week and it was a little hectic because I didn't know about it, so I was pretty stressed because I had planned to return to work and get caught up on life etc. etc.  But I was sooo stressed out/tired/grumpy that I decided to take a test because that's how I was when I first was prego with B3.  It immediately read not prego but you have to wait a couple of minutes, which I had forgotten that part, but a few minutes later I glanced down again and there were the double lines which were just as shocking as three years ago!!

So I took a bunch more tests the consecutive days and since Ben was in and out with his family, I didn't tell him.  lol

I jumped online and researched my possible due date and kept getting B3's birthday, which the doctor and later my first ultrasound confirmed.  I don't think we could have planned that had we tried -- that's crazy!  Baby will be early though, as I didn't opt for the VBAC.

I bought this cute shirt ^^ and one Friday Ben came home from work...


YES!!!  WAHOO!!!

So far it's been pretty much like my last pregnancy.  With Bentz I tried to stay positive because even when it was rough, I am always grateful to be pregnant.  Honestly, if I wasn't sick again, I would stress that things aren't going well!!  The problem with staying positive during my first pregnancy, however, is I wrote NONE of the negatives down in detail thus I have no idea my timeline of events or how long I can expect to feel like an angry barfing monster.

Speaking of angry barfing monster, I haven't run in two months and although I have missed it and the goals SO MUCH, I have absolutely no desire to run right now.  It is nauseating and not a lot of fun.  Soon baby will be big enough that my doctor recommends I go low-impact at that point, so I will take up Crossfit again here shortly and do that for the remainder of growing my bump.

Now speaking of bump, I would say that I wasn't any bigger during the first trimester this time around, but overnight I have had a bump show up enough that a [daring] lady asked if I was prego.  I still think I'm in the chubby looking phase though.  (Let's be honest, that phase won't go away for at least the next 6 months.  Or 7.  8.  10.)

^^ Probably my last selfie in the guest bath of our beautiful home going up for sale this weekend.  All the baby Bentley memories were made here.  Bittersweet for sure!  (And we get a glimpse into pool weather this week.  It's insanely May feeling around here.)


  1. If #2 is anything like #1, you'll be back to your regular 100 lb self the day after your c-section!! You have good genes for that!

  2. Agreed with the above... you will be back at it as quickly as it all happened!

    I didn't know doctors talked about VBACs so early on, and that you could opt out. If a #2 is in our future, it's something to think about for sure.