Life Lately...

I don't really know where to start with the past few months since I'm so behind!  I hadn't even finished Christmas!  But how about some random tidbits about lately...

The piano has been my sanity these past few months!!!  That and long morning walks in the cool air.  There have been days where I have spent hours upon hours playing the piano (which both Bentz and Rykar enjoy so that's helpful).  When I'm early pregnant I can't read, computer, use my phone, etc. because the movement makes me sick, but the piano has a way of distracting me.  Work has been quite slow too, which has been both a blessing yet a curse.

(I always take selfies and send them to Ben throughout the day.)

I'm not running right now, but there are weeks we walk 20 miles or so.

Our weather has been freezing, then so nice, and we've also had so much rain!  It's been a real mixed bag but that's kind of nice because it makes me excited for warmer weather and swimming.

Valentine's Day Ben brought home some delicious surprises!!

I've had a couple of doctor's appointments and Bentz gets to come along for the ride.  Life is crazy, three years ago I was doing this with him in my belly.

I read blog posts from when I was pregnant last time and it is funny to see the similar dinners and meals I've had.  We stopped Blue Apron awhile ago because my nose is crazy, and have replaced it with low carb, healthy options like white rice, bread, waffles, WATERMELON,...



Lucky Charm's shakes:


We had quite the house full over the race weekend which was fun.  Jolie got to stay in the shoe room and she read the little Bmeister some books.  :)

I have mastered Mater on the Doodle Maker.  (These are important tidbits.)  I am asked to draw him at least 25 times every day.

I have acquired some amazing shoes these days (shoes are always fun to buy, even when your numbers are increasing on the scale).

Bentz has been napping in his big boy bed for awhile now.  It gives him freedom to sometimes do what he wants, like lay down on the bottom shelf of his changing table instead.

And WE'RE MOVING!!!!  

Not to this house, we wish that we were moving here.  :P  ^^

We found another house we wanted to put an offer in on and after some conversation we decided that we probably should sell ours first so we are free to buy what we want, less risk.  The easiest way to do that is probably to just move out first... soooo.... we are moving...

this weekend.  1/2 a mile away into a 1 bedroom place.  It's going to be kind of like camping and I'm excited!  Hopefully we can find us a home before this little baby arrives.  That is the risk we are taking, but at least it's not monetary.

This is the first time we've hired movers, so I'm not dreading it so much.  But I am dreading saying goodbye to our first, beautiful home that I have LOVED these past four years.  Such a gamble, but I think we're making the right decision.  Same schools, church, running routes, etc., just a different house and a slightly different neighborhood.


  1. Wow! Good luck with the temp house and house sale and house hunt! And Jello... wow, I haven't had that in a good minute, but I get where that need would come from! Love reading your updates!

  2. Okay, first! That picture of Bentz sitting on the sidewalk with his chucks! That is the cutest and he is looking so big!
    Also, WHERE did that Lucky Charms shake come from!?
    That Mater is amazing!!
    I was going to ask if the Shoe Room was going to be turning into the nursery, but I guess if you're moving- maybe not!
    Good luck!! The 1 bedroom thing will be different but awesome I bet! I love it when my kids are in the same bedroom with me, like in hotels or when we have guests that need to sleep in their room!