Temporary Buhr Headquarters

Our house is finally for freaking SALE!  Thus we are in a transition period, here:

It's been a few years, but apartment living is kind of fun.  The pools are heated (!!!), there's loads of green grass you don't have to water, you interact with more people on the daily, and so forth and on.  The only thing that I haven't enjoyed is hearing the people above us wake up at 5:00 and also the fact that we are living on top of each other in 800+ square feet and I'm afraid somebody is going to call the cops on me when B3 is in time out, BUT, hey hey! granite countertops and wood-ish floors!  ;)

We had summer for a week ^^^ but now it's kind of cold.

It broke my heart to see the for sale sign put up yesterday, but the house looks good and I kind of want to put in an offer myself.

So many memories in this beautiful home!  So many memories of late nights with our little Bentz, much swimming in the pool, I could go on.  I hope we love our next home just as much, now we just have to find it.  We actually have found many potentials, we just are waiting for one of them to be listed for sale.  Hopefully within the next five months...

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  1. Why are you guys moving again? I thought your house was gorgeous!