19.5 Weeks - Activity Rest

^^This dress isn't maternity, I actually bought it for postpartum, but it's super stretchy and even has pockets!!  It's from Sexy Modest and comes in 12 colors!

My age: 32

How far along: 19 weeks 5 days

How big is baby:  At our 19 week ultrasound baby measured 50%, but I can't remember how many ounces that was.  She did say banana-esq tho.

What have you been up to:  Just working and hanging out with the fam as it starts to warm up outside.  Summer is getting close!  It was already in the 80s by 8:30 this morning.  In April!  I also have been pretty tired lately thus added caffeine into my diet (oh I've missed you caffeine).

Exercise/Activity Level: Eh, not so good.  Found out I have a low placenta (1 cm) so I am on activity/pelvic rest and am only allowed to walk.  The crazy thing is I have been trying different classes out, and since I have already had Braxton Hicks, I have always felt uncomfortable/leery about pushing myself as hard as I did during my first pregnancy when I Crossfitted.  I just hadn't yet found the right fitness class "fit" for this pregnancy, if you will.  Turns out it is a really good thing I haven't been working out everyday, especially running.  So I have another ultrasound next month to see if it has moved up at all...it needs to be at 2-1/2 cm minimum, and my doctor is optimistic.

^^Working out.  Aka walking.  Around our apartment complex.  :P

Maternity clothes: Yup, although I can still wear longer shirts.  My hips are already too wide for most pants unless they're stretchy.

Stretch marks: Nope

Belly Button: In

Sleep:  In the last couple of weeks I started sleeping on my sides which has taken a lot of adjusting!  I have had hip pain that wakes me up which I never had with Bentz.  It appears it may be a common thing, but it's pretty annoying.

Best Moment of the Week:
 Anatomy scan!  Having the family there and seeing little baby!  Also getting the gender noted and put in an envelope to carry around and wonder what it says inside.  As I speak it is five feet away taunting me.

^^Boy or girl?  We still think boy and pretty much have a boy's name decided.

Worst Moment of the Week:  Finding out that I can't do anything, but at least I am not on bed rest.

Food cravings:  Still grapefruit juice.

Food aversions:  I am doing pretty well here!  I don't want to crock pot yet, but I made a meal plan for next week for the first time in forever. 

Symptoms:  Mostly just tired and still throwing up in the mornings, but I do feel like a new person these days. 

Movement: Yes, lots.  I love it!

Gender:  Finding out on the 29th, right after the Mt. Charleston race.

What I’m looking forward to: Finding out the gender!

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  That our house won't sell in time for the baby.  Things in our area have been moving pretty slow and our estimate was 70 days (which we're almost half way through), but last summer two of our neighbor's homes sold in FIVE months, which we don't have!  It is a bit stressful for Ben and me.

What I miss:  Mostly running.  I do talk it about it pretty much daily still, and dream of the race I'll be spectating next weekend.

Next appointment:  23 weeks, hopefully my placenta has moved up so I won't stress about it.  At least I already opted for another C section, so that part isn't stressful for me. 

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  1. Hopefully things will turn out and you will find something you feel comfortable doing (and you'll feel better by then too???). I didn't run much at all when I was pregnant because I had a pubic joint issue and also just felt too clunky. I ended up walking a lot (mostly because I HAD to with gestational diabetes), doing prenatal online workouts, etc. I know it's a tough time -- hang in there!