2-1/2+ years of our B3!

I just want to do a shout out on this little guy right here since we only have so many months left with him as our only.  He is so sweet to his mommy and brings me so much joy!  I worried how pregnancy would be while simultaneously caring for a toddler, but he has been sweet, concerned when I'm sick, and makes me laugh so much!!

A million about-hims:

I took him to the pool last month and he saw it and said, "DRINK!!"

Obsessed with trains, "too toooooo," all things airplanes, cars, trucks, buses, hot air balloons, police cars and so forth.

Wakes up each morning, opens our blinds, points to the other units and says, "HOUSE!!"

Thinks every phone call I take is "dadda," and talks the entire time I am trying to, so phone calls are a little difficult to take.

Loves the movie CARS but also has been enjoying Moana lately.

Back sleeping in our bed at night and napping in his crib since his bed is, well, not here.  :P

Has been calling dinosaurs "cookies" for awhile, and at this point I'm not sure how we went so wrong.  lol  He knows what real cookies are, but when he sees a dinosaur he says, "cookies raaar."

Struggled to adjust the first few days to a small living space but I think having grandma (my mom) come visit, really helped him and he has been a lot better.

LOVES grandma and Hanging Out with her on Google.  He knows the Hang Out ring and starts freaking out, "gamma gamma!!"

Has a major sweet tooth (gee I wonder where he got that) and wants juice all day everyday.  I don't let him have it until dad is home, so as soon as dad walks in the door Bentz is like, "daddaa...juuuuice.!!"  :P

Loves to play pretend with all of his cars and Cars movie cars.  It's pretty cute, he talks and talks and babbbbles and goes on and on!!

He is soooo friendly and vocal and when he's with other kids he out talks them 500%.  Most of the time they don't say much but he's just so excited to have friends and be playing.  Once I took him to the park and there was nobody there so he just hung out by me, but when some kids showed up he just ran to them and started talking.  They were a little older (maybe 8-9?) and had no interest in him  :(  but he didn't understand that and just kept following them, chatting, sooo thrilled.

Always wants to "go oside!"  Then when you take him outside he wants to get in the car and go on a drive.  He loves being outside and in the car.

Pretends to throw up whenever he sees a bowl around the house.  :P

Loves to dance to anything:  washing machine rhythm, neighboring music, me beatboxing.

Will be in bed late at night, lights out, and hear a car zooming down the street and be like "CAAARRR!!!"

Likes to hold my hand while we go on walks.  :D

Hates the bath.  Is always cold because he's definitely my child.

Sometimes won't leave the dog alone (Rykar) which is a problem for a blind/deaf dog in a little apartment.  I am often putting the baby gate up to keep them separated.

Always wants toys when we go to the store and I say no and he has a meltdown so I give him to Ben, to which Ben gives him like five toys.  hahaha   #funparent

Still drinks Pediasure in the morning and wakes up and wants his juice.  "duuuuuce."

Loves to kiss me and be sweet.

Requires shoes when he gets dressed in the morning.  It used to be slippers, but he's mostly moved on to the real deal.

Has not yet graduated to books with paper pages because he destroys them.  He is all about peeling every type of sticker off even the hardest to peel surfaces, so even the hard paged books still are being destroyed.  He's very analytical,... and destructive.

Has to sit by me while I work.  Likes to push my lamp buttons on-off-on-off-on-off and cover my desk with cars and trucks.

Whenever he sees a white vehicle like my brother and sister in-law's white cube, he says "Emillneenee!!"
Apparently this looks like the white Cube.  lol ^^

Puts his finger to his lips and says "shhh."  It's more like a "tssss" sound.  :D

Likes to ride his little car to the store so we do that and put it in the cart.

Is still not a foodie and once I found he had stuffed his lunch in Mr. Potato Head after being so pleased hours earlier that he had eaten all of it!

His thank you sounds like "dee saw!!"  He's been saying it for a long long time and I think it's adorable.  He says DEE SAW to everything!  Open the door for him, DEESAW!, get him a drink, DEESAW, do anything involving him, DEESAW!!!

Still loves to organize and line everything up.

Is just stinking adorable and we love him!!!