Camping at Lake Roosevelt

We went camping the other weekend at Lake Roosevelt, which is this massive, massive lake that is never that crowded, it's insane!  It's just under a 2:00 drive and makes me want to become a frequent visitor.  I grew up where you would get up suuuuper early to hit any smooth water because every lake would get so choppy with boats, but here you don't seem to have to do that.

We had perfect weather, somewhere low 80s and cloudy this day. 

We were in a campground (with actual flushing toilets wahoo), but there was nobody around us which was nice.

Ben made tinfoil dinners for everyone and they were so tasty.

It was Bentz's first time camping and he was in heaven playing in the rocks/dirt, and had zero hesitation about zonking out in the tent.  In the middle of the night we awoke to a ton of coyotes right outside our tents, just howling/screaming for like 10 minutes, it was getting so obnoxious.  Bentz even woke up and was like.. "baby...?"  :P  But at least they weren't bears (and Rykar was safely inside the tent, never even awakening... good time to be deaf :).

Ben's brother has this sail boat he wanted to launch, so the next day we hit the lake for a little while.  I didn't bring a swimsuit so I wasn't exactly prepared, but it was relaxing to just sit back and watch.

The water is high so the beach is not really existent in many locations.

Bentz could hit the water with his rocks, so it looks like I need to find him a teeball team asap.

ALL tuckered out.

32 while 32 ✓✓  Fun trip with the fam, we need to plan a few more spontaneous ones.

PS.  Happy Easter!!

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