EaStEr TiMe

Every year gets more fun as B3 gets familiar with holiday traditions.  This year he got his first for reals egg hunt at Emilneenee's house which made his whole week!

No smiles, just candy.

Emily and Izzy put together an egg hunt and each person looked for a specific color which I thought was just genius.  They even had personal notes in some of them which was thoughtful and not something my left brain would have ever thought of doing.

Enough candy for a lifetime!

The Easter carrot cake made by Emily herself.

Egg toss.  Throw an egg then take a step back.  I recommend removing your plethora of rings if you play.

Rewind to that morning when the Easter Bunny came (for the first time, actually).  We had to wait until dad got home from his long run to go out into the family room and I know B3 had no idea why, but he was pretty happy when he found out.

Hope you had a fabulous Easter!

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