The lack of normalcy is wearing on me.

Last night I was pulling into my reserved parking spot, which required me to swing out wide to turn right into it, so I did just that.  At the same time a big truck was backing out of a spot a few spaces down, so after I swung my car wide, I stopped to just let the truck pass me on the right side so I wouldn't cut in front of him as I parked.  You never know, people are crazy, I can wait a few seconds.  Well he didn't pass me, he pulled right up to the front of my car and threw his hands up cuz I was just in his freaking way.

Um jerk.

So I put my blinker on to show that I was waiting for him to pass so I could park and that I wasn't from Europe just cruising the wrong side of the road.

He threw his hands up, goes around me, and flips me off suuuuper angrily.


I drew you a diagram in autocad because it's very important.

I usually am the timid-afraid-I'll-get-shot-so-I-am-a-peacemaker-and-back-down type, but I almost ALMOST followed him since for once I was sans child.  Had he been parking instead of leaving I would have gone irrationally pregnant CRAZY on him so he's lucky.

I was on my way home from the worst Hip Hop class on planet earth so I wasn't in a great mood to begin with (I miss running so much, it is my sanity).  I went to this class which ended up being in a sketchy area, but I still gave it a chance.  Once I got in there I realized it was not going to be for me, but then I was afraid to leave early and walk to my car alone so I stuck it out.  lol

Life does not seem to be normal these days, everything about it is just feels off!  Including my hormones.  We have been in this transition period for almost a month and we're doing better than when we started, but I am yearrrrning for normalcy again, and my less stressed, happy go bubbly, energized self.  Maybe pregnancy isn't the best time to sell your house?

What does sound nice is a relaxing day at the beach.  Or a nice long run [at the beach?].

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  1. Excellent diagram! Agreed, he's a douche! Everyone else would understand what to do in that situation!!