Home Bittersweet Home

We got an offer on our house on Friday afternoon!  We negotiated back and forth Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and all we had to do was accept the final counteroffer by 9pm Monday night.  We immediately ran out and looked at a beautiful house we were going to buy (contingent on the sale of ours), and decided that we wanted to run official #s on the purchase of that new home, with the #s from the offer we received on our house.  If that makes sense.

^^Checking out the new 'hood!

But Monday was a holiday, our lender was out.

Our Realtor told the buyer's Realtor that we would respond the following morning instead of 9pm that night, which shouldn't be that big of a deal.

The next morning, instead of us just signing and going under contract, we had to send the buyers another counter offer addendum that kept everything the exact same, but extended the time to Tuesday.

And after sitting on it ALL DAY, they didn't sign, they bailed!!  Ugh.

Maybe it's a blessing we don't have to go through the inspection period with them as our buyers because they sounded kinda horrible (read:  not understanding of a 12 hour extension), but it still was a nice way to overshadow the long weekend with frustration after momentarily seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and even lining up a new house that we got excited about.

^^Apparently 8:30am isn't a hoppin' time for swimming.  :P

At least I have my awesome crew with me, regardless where we end up.  And some fun family times this weekend, none-the-less.  I do cherish every bit of my family so much!

Friday Favorites

I am on a blogging roll this week.  Work has been slower and we usually venture out in the afternoons, but I have been a zombie lately and I just can't get my booter out of the house, plus B3 keeps waking up earlier and earlier, like, we're now up to 5:30 which is just too early, my friendy friend.

These are my random Friday favs, in no particular order.  I didn't link all the text, but many of the images are clickable.

 1   This Eyeko Fat liquid felt tip eyeliner!  Seriously the easiest application out of all that I've tried, it stays on my oily eyelids pretty well but comes off with remover so I can wear it with my extensions.

 2   These quotes I saw on Instagram.

 3   This I haven't tried yet, but I've been doing a lot of research the past few months about good hydration vests to wear for non-trail runners, aka road runners!  I drink a lot of water while running and if I'm going to be training for a BQ then I need to try to cut out stopping for water in between sets when it's hot, because it's hot in AZ more than it's not.

This is the Salomon S-Lab and what my husband's buddy from work uses (he runs a 2:48 marathon!) and when I researched it with the thousands of Marathon Maniacs, it also was the top pick.

It has two flasks & a bladder so you aren't limited to one or the other and you can put electrolytes in a flask instead of mucking up the bladder.  I'll let you know what I find out with it when I can run again in October, hopefully it doesn't chafe like my Camelbak, and hopefully my expectations aren't too high!

 4  This I also don't have but have been eyeballing.  I wear a belt for racing and I need a heavy enough one to store my 6 GU for the marathon, without it twisting funkily or riding up from the weight!  This is the Nathan Hipster Running Belt and supposedly fits like the elastic of your shorts fit, doesn't ride, and can even hold a big phone.  The only downfall I've heard is it can be a little hot to wear in the heat, which I guess makes sense.

 5  My brother and Emily got a dog!  Mayla!  They got her for their first wedding anniversary, which happens to be in the month of May.  She is a Blue Merle Mini Aussie.

 6   Purple hair.  Longer hair works for the newborn baby stage (I can put it UP), but I am considering chopping it and going purple maybe next year.  I think Ben prefers it shorter cuz he always points out shorter hair pics, and the purple I just need in my life.  Remember when striped hair was all the rage?  I miss that.  Hair is so boring these days!

 7   Brownies.  I talked about making them this week, and I did, and they are notably delicious.

 8   Our little guy, B3, who always makes my lists.  He is the sweetest guy and we love love love him!  Even when he wakes up early and dumps out the laundry everywhere, he's the greatest!  I can't believe we ever questioned having kids.  LOVE HIM.

 9     Google just came out with a photo album option that I'm excited about.  I use Google for everything these days:  email, photo backup, everything backup/extra storage, web browsing, web searching, sharing, phone photo edits, and now we can do albums!  They are 10$, or 20$ if you want hard cover, and I will show you mine when I get it.

 10   Cute shoes.  Always eyeing a couple dozen.  I am trying to mom-ify a little bit which means more wedges and chunky heels, but there are always millions to choose from!  Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden are the comfiest ever; if you're debating trying heels, go for Jessica Simpson, hands down.

Jessica Simpson heeled sandals
nordstrom.com/ Amazon.com

Womens Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker

Have a nice, safe Memorial weekend!

The Second Time Around

We still have 15 weeks to get ready for our baby, but we haven't done anything yet since we're in a bit of house limbo, so I have started to make lists/plans to hopefully help out when we can buckle down and get things done.

Deep down I'm really making plans for our house we're trying to sell, because we'll be moving back into it if it doesn't go under contract by end of June.  More and more houses are listing in our neighborhood and everything is sitting, it's not helping our confidence, especially when our Realtor thought we could've sold it for 40k more by now.

Anywho, I think I know what we'll do:  turn the guest bedroom into B3's room and keep the nursery as is.  The shoe room will become the guest room and we'll list the house again next spring.  We just really want a bigger yard and garage, and some updates, that is the whole goal of moving. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself, which is what I do cuz I NEED SOME CONTROL here, it's been hard not having it.

So the first list:

Having another baby boy makes things a little easier on the wallet this time around, but there are still things that we need aside from the typical bedroom double ups, new outfits, etc., like items we never invested in, or that have been released in the last three years.

1- Rock 'n' Play - Never bought one of these because I was so terrified of SIDS and having my kid sleep in it.  I never got any sleep with newborn Bentz.  Never.  Literally napped from 8-11pm and then I was up for the night holding my acid reflux, slumbering child.  It was a foggy time of hardly functioning and I'm determined to have it a little easier this time, if it is possible.

2- Solly Wrap - We have a cheaper one from Target that was just way too big for our newborn.  This one has good reviews and seems a good option for the Arizona climate since the Boba and Moby seem like they might be hotter?

3- Double Bob - The only way for me to run outside in the short weekdays of winter/good running weather.

4- Dock a Tot - This is new and a way to co-sleep more safely.  It's made of breathable material and so far I have only read really good things about it.

5- Ergo 360 - We've been meaning to buy one and borrowed one at one point, so it's time.

6- Diaper Bag Backpack - I think the backpack approach will be a lot easier?

7- Owlet monitor - This is new this time around for us too.  We used the Snuzza and it is waaaay less advanced in terms of technology and you'd get false alarms which would ruin the night, but this one seems like it will buy me some serious sleep at night, so worth the splurge.

What am I forgetting?

The grand total for the short list:  $1500!  Baby things are expensive.

The other list that we need to eventually start working on:

1- Baby announcement - never did one with B3 because I waited too long and he came a bit early
2- Stock up - on post c section items, etc.
3- Re-take infant CPR
4- Pack hospital bags - I don't remember what I even had last time around, I'm just glad I packed it ahead of time
5- Arrangements for B3 - including a helpful list of a typical day
6- Arrangements for Rykar
7- Birthday plans for B3 - since I will be just getting out of the hospital
8- Finish hospital registration...which I really should just do right now.
9- Find a sub organist - for a few months.  We don't take the baby to church for a little bit.  Let's be honest, people take their sick children to church all the time.
10- Gift for Bentz - I have read something about this for your first born when he comes to the hospital to meet the baby?
11- Assemble the swing, rocker, etc. - and replace batteries, sanitize and such
12- Wash everything - need to dig out all the newborn clothes, which I'm excited about!  Such a fun stage of tiny-ness.

In the meantime, I ordered this...

because our house always looks like...

& it's getting harder to pick things up over and over and over.

^^24 weeks

Many May Musings

Last week I couldn't get brownies out of my head, especially after having the white chocolate one from White Chocolate Grill for Mother's Day, because it's sooo good.  Brownies were just constantly swirling around my mind (and they still are, I'm debating making some today, probably most likely will).

After doctor's appointments we usually get ice cream or a Jamba or something, so last week we went back to get a white chocolate brownie, just cute toddler and me, dining in for dessert.

23.5 Weeks - No More Activity Rest!

I don't think I grew so much in one week's time as these pictures show, I think (hope) it's more or less what I wore...

My age: 32

How far along: 23 weeks 4 days

How big is baby:  A pound and a half, per my ultrasound this past week.  He was measuring a little above average and his belly was really chubby! 

What have you been up to:  I had a really good doctor's appointment!  My doctor was really happy with everything which always is nice to hear.  At my anatomy scan we couldn't get anything heart related because baby boy was so squirmy, so this time around we finished the anatomy portion and then the tech measured and said my placenta had migrated some and I would probably be taken off activity/pelvic rest, which I was!  Um hoorah!!

Exercise/Activity Level:  I have to start from ground zero and work up to it, and stay low-impact, but I'm still a little tentative.  "If you start bleeding you've done too much."  lol  Oh, well okay then.  I am going to start back with some YouTube videos that I've tried and they are short but made me sore.

Maternity clothes: Yeah, pretty much 90% of my shirts.  I'm already on repeat!  Oh goodness.

Stretch marks:  I keep hearing that scratching your stomach will contribute to stretch marks!!  So I have been trying not to, but it's hard sometimes.  I finally did a little research and then asked my doctor, and no, it's not true!  Thank goodness.  Still using baby oil gel and creams and it helps it not itch which is nice.

Belly Button:  Stretching

Sleep:  No change really, pretty good with Unisom, but my hips do still wake me up after awhile.  This is funny though:  I sleep next to the wall and when I switch from my right to left sides, I flip head to foot of the bed so I am always facing the wall.  lol  Bentley sleeps between us 100% of the time right now (until we move out of here), and I have been head butted when facing him, so I must turn away!  One thing I learned as a mom, protect your nose at all times and in all places.

Best Moment of the Week:  No more activity/pelvic rest.  Sanity restored.

Worst Moment of the Week:  B3 hasn't been feeling so well this week and his nose has been runny/stuffy, "stuppy nose."  It's sad, poor fella.

Food cravings:  I have been loving chocolate.  I always like it, but it has escalated like crazy, I even bought chocolate almond milk.  I have been tired lately though, and I see so many that are pregnant drinking Diet Coke and such, which really is the same as Crystal Light (aspartame).  I researched and it seemed like aspartame is fine for pregnancy, so I asked my doc thinking she'd be all "SURE, drink it up!" but sadly, no, she said she prefers I just drink the sugar Mtn. Dew for my caffeine.  Wah.  The day I stop nursing, I will be downing aspartamey caffeine by the gallons.

Food aversions: Not a whole lot here. 

Symptoms:  Doing pretty good these days.  Throwing up less than I did with Bentz so that is amazing.  Have had tailbone pain the past week + and I am starting to wonder if it's because baby's head is actually down now.  I don't remember tailbone pain with B3, but then again I don't even remember my age half the time.

Movement:  All the time, and much higher now that he's flipped around.

Gender: BOY!!  B2.  BDB.

What I’m looking forward to:  Oh selling the house and moving so we can get situated for the baby's arrival.  It feels surreal all the changes that will happen this summer.  We are so excited to have a little baby around the house again, he's already so loved!!  Bentz is in for a treat.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Just the regular that all will go well.

What I miss: Running, sleeping on my back, Crystal Light caffeine, running, my body.  When I'm not pregnant I look at my maternity clothes and think, "those are SO big, holy cow."  Then when I'm pregnant I look at my regular clothes and think, "how did I ever fit into something so small?  I will never again, there's no way."

Next appointment: 27 weeks, my glucose test.  I am hoping I pass it because I failed it three years ago.  Interestingly, though, my fruit punch drink is clear this time.  I guess we made it to 2017 before somebody complained about it having a dye in it.  :P

Pregnancy Must Haves

I did one of these three years ago, and despite a seemingly ton of things in the world of pregnancy/babies having changed since then, a lot of my list has remained!

1-  Baby Oil Gel - Super cheap, super moisturizing, super messy, but super helpful in the world of stretching skin and itchiness.  I lather up every night before bed (and wear the same things to bed that I can grease up too).  It's nice because it is really long lasting.

2-  Full panel maternity shorts - I like the full panel more than the underbelly because your tummy never secretly hangs out, and despite thinking you shouldn't go full panel until you're bigger, when your tummy is still on the smaller side I find the underbelly bands dig into it uncomfortably when you sit.  For some reason cute shorts have been harder to find but there are a few cute ones from Pinkblush, Zulily, ASOS, and ROSS.

3-  Athleta capris - I lived in Lululemon capris the first time around, and these really are so much better.  These specific ones (which are sold out online boo) suck you in tightly when you feel like a marshmallow.  They are THE BEST.  The other thing to do is go to Ross or somewhere cheap, and buy a size up so they're comfortable under your belly, but you're still only spending a fraction of the cost for the few months you'll wear them.  Then after you give birth you feel so skinny in them.  lol

4-  Delivery/Nursing Robe - I bought this with the intent to wear in the hospital, but I seriously wear it every night over my greased up attire.  :P  I swear it shrunk in the wash, but then again maybe it's just my belly grew...

5-  Compression socks - Helps with swelling, varicose veins, circulation, etc.  Perfect for the summer swell of pregnancy (especially when your summer is crazy hot).

6-  Gummy vitamins - No throwing up!  Unless you have to add iron back in.  Boo.  But still, I used to lose it when I just looked at my old pills, but these are easy on the stomach.  Pregnancy is so crazy!

7-  Zipping sports bra - Have mercy, way easier to put on.

8-  Support Band - I never had one of these the first time around and I wore a tight tank top for some support, but I'm bigger earlier so I invested in one that I saw all over social media and I love it.  It is kind of overpriced but I couldn't find a similar one that had as good of reviews.

9-  Drink reminder app - Every 30 minutes my phone makes a watering noise and I take a swig.  Best thing ever for when you get Braxton Hicks.  30 minutes goes fast and you realize how much you really don't drink!

10-  Comfy wedges  - I like to still wear wedges/heels and and found investing in nice, comfortable pairs that are easy to walk in, make a huge difference when you start to weigh more on your feet.  I still wear the same Steve Madden wedges from three years ago because they are the most comfy ever.  I also got some new Saint Laurent ones this spring that are cute but not terribly inclined and easy to walk in!

11-  Matte foundation for oily skin - Game changer!  I used to wear Estee Lauder Double Wear and this is so much cheaper (Target, Ulta), and way matte and long lasting!  The best ever!!

12-  Hydro Flask - Stays cold all day long, even if it's like 110.  The ice won't melt!

13-  Inexpensive dry shampoo - I can go through this stuff, especially when prego when I have an extra "glow," if you will, so fast that it's hard to justify $20 for one can.  This is my favorite for the $$ and you can buy it cheap on Amazon or in a package of three for a good deal.  No guilt in using more dry shampoo than real.  :P

Mother's Day Family Weekend

We have been trying to plan something each weekend to get out and do as a family, so this past one we took B3 to the Children's Museum in downtown Phoenix. 

The crazy thing is we were there by 9:15.  Heaven knows before kids I would not have been out of bed by then, let alone up, showered, ready, driven, and arriving at a children's museum.  BUT it was perfect because the place I'm sure gets out. of. control. by lunch time.

It was $11 per person and I'm sure you could spend hours there.  We were there about 1-1/2 hours and that was just bopping by each area for a few minutes.  Bentz was in HEAVEN.

So fun to watch him grocery shop, he knew exactly what to do.  It is hilarious to see how much our little ones pick up on from us.

Something about this massive building is just so intriguing to me.  I'm assuming it used to be a school based on the "MONROE SCHOOL," but it looks courthouse-ish, big and majestic.

Back in 2012 we moved to the valley and to the area we live in now.  We had originally planned to transfer to downtown Phoenix instead, and walking around downtown made us wonder how different life would have been, although I imagine we'd have moved to the burbs since having B3.

It was fun to explore and eat on a corner at Pizzeria Bianco.  People wait hours to eat here but we arrived at opening and didn't have to wait.  It was tasty pizza, but Mellow Mushroom is still my favorite pizza.

Later Ben took me out to White Chocolate Grill for some Mother's Day dinner celebrating.  It was fun to go sans child and be able to reminisce the days we went out on a date every weekend, sometimes multiple times!  I do miss all that time just US, but at the same time we can't get enough of our little guy.

Love you baby!

(And that white chocolate brownie.)

It's hard to feel cute when you feel giant.  I think my theme this weekend was polka dots.

Ben also got me a cute running girl necklace you can see below.  He knows me so well.  The chocolates came from church.

Hope you have a fabulous week!