23.5 Weeks - No More Activity Rest!

I don't think I grew so much in one week's time as these pictures show, I think (hope) it's more or less what I wore...

My age: 32

How far along: 23 weeks 4 days

How big is baby:  A pound and a half, per my ultrasound this past week.  He was measuring a little above average and his belly was really chubby! 

What have you been up to:  I had a really good doctor's appointment!  My doctor was really happy with everything which always is nice to hear.  At my anatomy scan we couldn't get anything heart related because baby boy was so squirmy, so this time around we finished the anatomy portion and then the tech measured and said my placenta had migrated some and I would probably be taken off activity/pelvic rest, which I was!  Um hoorah!!

Exercise/Activity Level:  I have to start from ground zero and work up to it, and stay low-impact, but I'm still a little tentative.  "If you start bleeding you've done too much."  lol  Oh, well okay then.  I am going to start back with some YouTube videos that I've tried and they are short but made me sore.

Maternity clothes: Yeah, pretty much 90% of my shirts.  I'm already on repeat!  Oh goodness.

Stretch marks:  I keep hearing that scratching your stomach will contribute to stretch marks!!  So I have been trying not to, but it's hard sometimes.  I finally did a little research and then asked my doctor, and no, it's not true!  Thank goodness.  Still using baby oil gel and creams and it helps it not itch which is nice.

Belly Button:  Stretching

Sleep:  No change really, pretty good with Unisom, but my hips do still wake me up after awhile.  This is funny though:  I sleep next to the wall and when I switch from my right to left sides, I flip head to foot of the bed so I am always facing the wall.  lol  Bentley sleeps between us 100% of the time right now (until we move out of here), and I have been head butted when facing him, so I must turn away!  One thing I learned as a mom, protect your nose at all times and in all places.

Best Moment of the Week:  No more activity/pelvic rest.  Sanity restored.

Worst Moment of the Week:  B3 hasn't been feeling so well this week and his nose has been runny/stuffy, "stuppy nose."  It's sad, poor fella.

Food cravings:  I have been loving chocolate.  I always like it, but it has escalated like crazy, I even bought chocolate almond milk.  I have been tired lately though, and I see so many that are pregnant drinking Diet Coke and such, which really is the same as Crystal Light (aspartame).  I researched and it seemed like aspartame is fine for pregnancy, so I asked my doc thinking she'd be all "SURE, drink it up!" but sadly, no, she said she prefers I just drink the sugar Mtn. Dew for my caffeine.  Wah.  The day I stop nursing, I will be downing aspartamey caffeine by the gallons.

Food aversions: Not a whole lot here. 

Symptoms:  Doing pretty good these days.  Throwing up less than I did with Bentz so that is amazing.  Have had tailbone pain the past week + and I am starting to wonder if it's because baby's head is actually down now.  I don't remember tailbone pain with B3, but then again I don't even remember my age half the time.

Movement:  All the time, and much higher now that he's flipped around.

Gender: BOY!!  B2.  BDB.

What I’m looking forward to:  Oh selling the house and moving so we can get situated for the baby's arrival.  It feels surreal all the changes that will happen this summer.  We are so excited to have a little baby around the house again, he's already so loved!!  Bentz is in for a treat.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Just the regular that all will go well.

What I miss: Running, sleeping on my back, Crystal Light caffeine, running, my body.  When I'm not pregnant I look at my maternity clothes and think, "those are SO big, holy cow."  Then when I'm pregnant I look at my regular clothes and think, "how did I ever fit into something so small?  I will never again, there's no way."

Next appointment: 27 weeks, my glucose test.  I am hoping I pass it because I failed it three years ago.  Interestingly, though, my fruit punch drink is clear this time.  I guess we made it to 2017 before somebody complained about it having a dye in it.  :P

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