5(+4) Things Friday

I used to ramble about whatever on my blog until I had a kid.  It's not that I don't have ramblings to share anymore, I think it's just that I don't have the energy to.  And our bedtime is severely earlier too.  I mean, SEVERELY.

9 Things Friday:

1-  This happened Monday -- hoo-freakin'-yah!  Marathon #6 and my first post partum.  It's so far away (APRIL) but I have to basically start over in October, so I am already stoked as.  The best part is Ben is signed up too and since I won't be ready to go for a BQ (I would need a 3:32), he mentioned maybe running with me.

2-  Our weather.  We broke a record and hit 108 last week, then two days later our high was 71.  Best of both worlds I suppose.  I think our average is somewhere 90, but May has been pretty glorious and I am loving leaving my window open all the day long.  Today might be too roasty for that, but next week I think we dip back down again.

Perfect for the park with friends, which we're doing again today.

3-  Sub 2!  Did anybody watch Nike's attempt to break 2:00 in the marathon?  I've been a skeptic, but it was so fun to watch!  Kipchoge got closer than I expected.  2:00:24  That is INSANE.  2-1/2 minutes faster than the current world record.

4-  Bentz had his 3rd haircut ever.  We went over to have my sister in-law cut it which is perfect because Bentz loves Emily.  He always tells me the story of how Emilneenee cuts his hairs.  (He also likes to tell me the story of when he got poo on his hand a couple weeks ago.  haha)

5-  My neighbor's cats.

6-  We were at the mall the past weekend and I came across these Nixies that reminded me of junior high.  I wore some soooo similar back in 1997 (holy crap that's 20 years ago), then I accidentally left them in my gym locker during summer break and the lockers were cleaned out and my beloved shoes were gone forever.  I am not sure I have any pictures of them, but I did love them.

7-  Facebook reminded me that two years ago at this time we were all in China for the Great Wall Marathon & Half.

I have a fond memory of the picture below.  We all walked into the hotel and there was a big tour group in the lobby, and they all started clapping for us!

If you look closely below, you can see the wall on the mountain.  It was a surreal experience.

8-  I recently started working on a community center in Daybreak.  It's a pretty cute area in South Jordan, Utah, close to the mine.  I never really talk much about my work here, but I mostly stare at AutoCAD all day long and draw squiggly lines in colors I choose, so there's always pink in there somewhere.

9-  Last but definitely not least, Happy Mother's Day this weekend, especially to my amazing mom!  I love her and am lucky she is my very own mom!

And I like the picture below because it's totally my mom.  She was standing in the FREEZING pouring rain cheering for us running the SLC 2013, despite nearly no other bystanders in the horrible weather.  She's the BEST!!

Have a happy Mother's Day weekend!

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