Friday Favorites

I am on a blogging roll this week.  Work has been slower and we usually venture out in the afternoons, but I have been a zombie lately and I just can't get my booter out of the house, plus B3 keeps waking up earlier and earlier, like, we're now up to 5:30 which is just too early, my friendy friend.

These are my random Friday favs, in no particular order.  I didn't link all the text, but many of the images are clickable.

 1   This Eyeko Fat liquid felt tip eyeliner!  Seriously the easiest application out of all that I've tried, it stays on my oily eyelids pretty well but comes off with remover so I can wear it with my extensions.

 2   These quotes I saw on Instagram.

 3   This I haven't tried yet, but I've been doing a lot of research the past few months about good hydration vests to wear for non-trail runners, aka road runners!  I drink a lot of water while running and if I'm going to be training for a BQ then I need to try to cut out stopping for water in between sets when it's hot, because it's hot in AZ more than it's not.

This is the Salomon S-Lab and what my husband's buddy from work uses (he runs a 2:48 marathon!) and when I researched it with the thousands of Marathon Maniacs, it also was the top pick.

It has two flasks & a bladder so you aren't limited to one or the other and you can put electrolytes in a flask instead of mucking up the bladder.  I'll let you know what I find out with it when I can run again in October, hopefully it doesn't chafe like my Camelbak, and hopefully my expectations aren't too high!

 4  This I also don't have but have been eyeballing.  I wear a belt for racing and I need a heavy enough one to store my 6 GU for the marathon, without it twisting funkily or riding up from the weight!  This is the Nathan Hipster Running Belt and supposedly fits like the elastic of your shorts fit, doesn't ride, and can even hold a big phone.  The only downfall I've heard is it can be a little hot to wear in the heat, which I guess makes sense.

 5  My brother and Emily got a dog!  Mayla!  They got her for their first wedding anniversary, which happens to be in the month of May.  She is a Blue Merle Mini Aussie.

 6   Purple hair.  Longer hair works for the newborn baby stage (I can put it UP), but I am considering chopping it and going purple maybe next year.  I think Ben prefers it shorter cuz he always points out shorter hair pics, and the purple I just need in my life.  Remember when striped hair was all the rage?  I miss that.  Hair is so boring these days!

 7   Brownies.  I talked about making them this week, and I did, and they are notably delicious.

 8   Our little guy, B3, who always makes my lists.  He is the sweetest guy and we love love love him!  Even when he wakes up early and dumps out the laundry everywhere, he's the greatest!  I can't believe we ever questioned having kids.  LOVE HIM.

 9     Google just came out with a photo album option that I'm excited about.  I use Google for everything these days:  email, photo backup, everything backup/extra storage, web browsing, web searching, sharing, phone photo edits, and now we can do albums!  They are 10$, or 20$ if you want hard cover, and I will show you mine when I get it.

 10   Cute shoes.  Always eyeing a couple dozen.  I am trying to mom-ify a little bit which means more wedges and chunky heels, but there are always millions to choose from!  Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden are the comfiest ever; if you're debating trying heels, go for Jessica Simpson, hands down.

Jessica Simpson heeled sandals

Womens Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker

Have a nice, safe Memorial weekend!


  1. okay..
    1. I didn't know you had eyelash extensions! They look super natural!
    2. Neil has a flip belt (like the nathan belt) and he's obsessed with it!! Wears it every workout.
    3. YES purple hair!! I need to get my pink redone!
    4. Now I think I might need to make some brownies!
    5. B3 as cute as ever!
    6. Tell me how the google books compare to the blog books (or are you still planning to do both?)
    7. Those converse Shorelines are some of my favorite shoes!

  2. Love those quotes! And that is the cutest puppy ever!!!

  3. Let me know how the hydration best is. I have Nathan's women vest andike it, but you only have one bladder.