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We got an offer on our house on Friday afternoon!  We negotiated back and forth Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and all we had to do was accept the final counteroffer by 9pm Monday night.  We immediately ran out and looked at a beautiful house we were going to buy (contingent on the sale of ours), and decided that we wanted to run official #s on the purchase of that new home, with the #s from the offer we received on our house.  If that makes sense.

^^Checking out the new 'hood!

But Monday was a holiday, our lender was out.

Our Realtor told the buyer's Realtor that we would respond the following morning instead of 9pm that night, which shouldn't be that big of a deal.

The next morning, instead of us just signing and going under contract, we had to send the buyers another counter offer addendum that kept everything the exact same, but extended the time to Tuesday.

And after sitting on it ALL DAY, they didn't sign, they bailed!!  Ugh.

Maybe it's a blessing we don't have to go through the inspection period with them as our buyers because they sounded kinda horrible (read:  not understanding of a 12 hour extension), but it still was a nice way to overshadow the long weekend with frustration after momentarily seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and even lining up a new house that we got excited about.

^^Apparently 8:30am isn't a hoppin' time for swimming.  :P

At least I have my awesome crew with me, regardless where we end up.  And some fun family times this weekend, none-the-less.  I do cherish every bit of my family so much!

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