Many May Musings

Last week I couldn't get brownies out of my head, especially after having the white chocolate one from White Chocolate Grill for Mother's Day, because it's sooo good.  Brownies were just constantly swirling around my mind (and they still are, I'm debating making some today, probably most likely will).

After doctor's appointments we usually get ice cream or a Jamba or something, so last week we went back to get a white chocolate brownie, just cute toddler and me, dining in for dessert.

We've hit up the park numerous times this month since the weather has been so nice, but that will change soon when summer triple digits arrive.  We will take our play activities to McDonalds, the library, B&N, the mall, the kitchen, pool, so forth.

(I crop his friends out cuz I don't like to post other people's kids.)

It's really not that bad until June/July though, when our nighttime low dips down to 90 for five minutes and the sun starts coming up at 4:30, so it's already 100 degrees by 7.  But tis the fair trade off for winter.

We're supposed to hit 103 or 104 this week and the news literally posted this forecast.  lol

This weekend we had some friends in town so we got up and did some morning Top Golf!  It was much harder with Bentz being a little older because he wanted to throw the golfballs, and since they have little microchips in them, he would throw my balls off the ledge and I would get zero scores.  :P  So I didn't ever get a legit score, and then bending over that much to set up my ball on a tee got a little exhausting after awhile, but it was fun to relax on the couches and watch.

Then it was Korean food which ended up being overpriced and not as good as expected, but it's fun to try new places with friends.

Ben went to a movie that night with our friends and I opted to stay home and put the lil one to bed.  I take our dog out 3x a day on a leash, and I took him out with B3 like this.  He was soooo tired.  (I have developed strong left arm muscles during the past three years.)

Bentz has been so wiggly and crazy at church lately and it's been pretty tough to keep him under control the whole time.  I remember being childless and sometimes thinking, 'hmmm control your kid.'  Well I apologize 150694% because I get it.  Um.

You can't.

But he's so cute and he makes me laugh when in the middle of a talk he starts giggling hilariously and looks at me, "bum toot."

We sang this song, and the first, second, and last lines are exactly the same.  haha  I do not pick the hymns but I imagine I would probably not pick this one because the music trumps the message to me whether I want it to or not.

We'd probably sing The Spirit of God, All Creatures of our God & King, Families Can Be Together Forever, Press Forward Saints, and other bigger ones.  And turn the organ up FULL blast.  The best.

It's been a great May, and June will be great too, just hotter.  But with the heat come the monsoons!

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