Mother's Day Family Weekend

We have been trying to plan something each weekend to get out and do as a family, so this past one we took B3 to the Children's Museum in downtown Phoenix. 

The crazy thing is we were there by 9:15.  Heaven knows before kids I would not have been out of bed by then, let alone up, showered, ready, driven, and arriving at a children's museum.  BUT it was perfect because the place I'm sure gets out. of. control. by lunch time.

It was $11 per person and I'm sure you could spend hours there.  We were there about 1-1/2 hours and that was just bopping by each area for a few minutes.  Bentz was in HEAVEN.

So fun to watch him grocery shop, he knew exactly what to do.  It is hilarious to see how much our little ones pick up on from us.

Something about this massive building is just so intriguing to me.  I'm assuming it used to be a school based on the "MONROE SCHOOL," but it looks courthouse-ish, big and majestic.

Back in 2012 we moved to the valley and to the area we live in now.  We had originally planned to transfer to downtown Phoenix instead, and walking around downtown made us wonder how different life would have been, although I imagine we'd have moved to the burbs since having B3.

It was fun to explore and eat on a corner at Pizzeria Bianco.  People wait hours to eat here but we arrived at opening and didn't have to wait.  It was tasty pizza, but Mellow Mushroom is still my favorite pizza.

Later Ben took me out to White Chocolate Grill for some Mother's Day dinner celebrating.  It was fun to go sans child and be able to reminisce the days we went out on a date every weekend, sometimes multiple times!  I do miss all that time just US, but at the same time we can't get enough of our little guy.

Love you baby!

(And that white chocolate brownie.)

It's hard to feel cute when you feel giant.  I think my theme this weekend was polka dots.

Ben also got me a cute running girl necklace you can see below.  He knows me so well.  The chocolates came from church.

Hope you have a fabulous week!

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  1. That looks like a good museum! You look darling and are not even close to giant ;) but I so understand the feeling!