My Family's Revel Mt. Charleston Half Marathon

Since I am not running or doing anything these days, I told Ben he should race as much as he can because he has a babysitter for every race -- ME!!  That being said, he decided to go for a 1/2 PR at Mt. Charleston this year.  His PR was 1:29 and he wanted a 1:27 and has been training really hard for it!

Fast forward to our family trying to make vacation plans for the year.  We were thinking Newport Beach again but we all were having a hard time with schedules and the only time available was August.  August wouldn't work for us because I knew I wouldn't be allowed to travel (at the time Ben and I knew we were prego), so after much brain storming I proposed a Vegas trip over the Mt. Charleston weekend.  Destination races and my family go hand in hand and don't require much convincing, so walah!

We rented a house that was <a mile from both the finish and the early morning bussing, it was soooo nice to be that close.

B3 is obsessed with Emilneenee and I thought this was a cute picture of him holding her hand on the way to the race expo.  :D

James and I were not even running a 5k.  He is bulking.  As am I.

Last year the weather was PERFECT because of a winter storm.  This year I was afraid it'd be a sauna, but it was gusty wind when we got to Vegas!  Race morning is was even more gusty, like I couldn't keep my hat on for the life of me.  I was so sad for Ben because he has been working so hard specifically for a 1:27 PR and wind slows you down like woah.

In my haste I hadn't signed up for any tracking or anything, but after an hour or so I looked up Ben's splits online and saw he had crossed 7.1 miles at a 6:33 pace so he was definitely on track!  A 1:27 is a 6:38 pace.  Turns out the wind was a tail wind with only two small sections running into it.

Well we were all cheering people on and I thought I saw Ben coming down the street already and the clock only read 1:24.  But it WAS him and he finished in 1:25!!!  Nothing like a 4 minute PR when you're already fast!  I was so proud of him!!!

Last .1 @ a 4:54 pace
Official - 1:25:37
6:31 pace

My sister also had a massive PR after having a massive PR in February, and ran a 1:38.

Dallin had a good race despite no diligent training for the race.  I'm not sure he has ever seriously trained for a race before, but always rocks them none-the-less, this time with a 1:43.

My dad PRd and came in under 2:00 with a 1:59!  It was really exciting to see him coming down the street and see the clock reading 1:59.  I think we all went completely crazy screaming for him!

And the whole crew.

We always do breakfast afterwards!

Followed by a nap.

At the expo we found out that Revel is working on a bigger permit for next year which would allow more runners to get into the marathon!  I wish the race was a month earlier because this weekend Vegas will be upper 90s (we might even hit 100 here), but hopefully next year will be another lucky weather weekend. 

ALSO!!!  Revel Mt. Lemmon is in the works (TUCSON).  I don't know when it'll be official, but that will be awesome.

I love this race!  If you run it every year then you get a specific colored bib.  Like a "legacy" big or whatnot, which is what Ben had on.  I thought that was a fun idea.  I would have loved to run it again this year, but I'll be back next year w/Ben and our kids!  That's crazy to say.

Great job fam damily!


  1. Wow, what an amazing pace! I can't hold that for a single mile! Your family is fast!

  2. Nice recap!! Maybe you'll switch babysitting roles next year. I saw your bro James on instagram and can definitely see why he's not running, ha ha. Funny how things change.

    If it helps, I'm not racing, either. Being the not-running one is actually way less stressful for me! :)