Pregnancy Must Haves

I did one of these three years ago, and despite a seemingly ton of things in the world of pregnancy/babies having changed since then, a lot of my list has remained!

1-  Baby Oil Gel - Super cheap, super moisturizing, super messy, but super helpful in the world of stretching skin and itchiness.  I lather up every night before bed (and wear the same things to bed that I can grease up too).  It's nice because it is really long lasting.

2-  Full panel maternity shorts - I like the full panel more than the underbelly because your tummy never secretly hangs out, and despite thinking you shouldn't go full panel until you're bigger, when your tummy is still on the smaller side I find the underbelly bands dig into it uncomfortably when you sit.  For some reason cute shorts have been harder to find but there are a few cute ones from Pinkblush, Zulily, ASOS, and ROSS.

3-  Athleta capris - I lived in Lululemon capris the first time around, and these really are so much better.  These specific ones (which are sold out online boo) suck you in tightly when you feel like a marshmallow.  They are THE BEST.  The other thing to do is go to Ross or somewhere cheap, and buy a size up so they're comfortable under your belly, but you're still only spending a fraction of the cost for the few months you'll wear them.  Then after you give birth you feel so skinny in them.  lol

4-  Delivery/Nursing Robe - I bought this with the intent to wear in the hospital, but I seriously wear it every night over my greased up attire.  :P  I swear it shrunk in the wash, but then again maybe it's just my belly grew...

5-  Compression socks - Helps with swelling, varicose veins, circulation, etc.  Perfect for the summer swell of pregnancy (especially when your summer is crazy hot).

6-  Gummy vitamins - No throwing up!  Unless you have to add iron back in.  Boo.  But still, I used to lose it when I just looked at my old pills, but these are easy on the stomach.  Pregnancy is so crazy!

7-  Zipping sports bra - Have mercy, way easier to put on.

8-  Support Band - I never had one of these the first time around and I wore a tight tank top for some support, but I'm bigger earlier so I invested in one that I saw all over social media and I love it.  It is kind of overpriced but I couldn't find a similar one that had as good of reviews.

9-  Drink reminder app - Every 30 minutes my phone makes a watering noise and I take a swig.  Best thing ever for when you get Braxton Hicks.  30 minutes goes fast and you realize how much you really don't drink!

10-  Comfy wedges  - I like to still wear wedges/heels and and found investing in nice, comfortable pairs that are easy to walk in, make a huge difference when you start to weigh more on your feet.  I still wear the same Steve Madden wedges from three years ago because they are the most comfy ever.  I also got some new Saint Laurent ones this spring that are cute but not terribly inclined and easy to walk in!

11-  Matte foundation for oily skin - Game changer!  I used to wear Estee Lauder Double Wear and this is so much cheaper (Target, Ulta), and way matte and long lasting!  The best ever!!

12-  Hydro Flask - Stays cold all day long, even if it's like 110.  The ice won't melt!

13-  Inexpensive dry shampoo - I can go through this stuff, especially when prego when I have an extra "glow," if you will, so fast that it's hard to justify $20 for one can.  This is my favorite for the $$ and you can buy it cheap on Amazon or in a package of three for a good deal.  No guilt in using more dry shampoo than real.  :P

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