The Second Time Around

We still have 15 weeks to get ready for our baby, but we haven't done anything yet since we're in a bit of house limbo, so I have started to make lists/plans to hopefully help out when we can buckle down and get things done.

Deep down I'm really making plans for our house we're trying to sell, because we'll be moving back into it if it doesn't go under contract by end of June.  More and more houses are listing in our neighborhood and everything is sitting, it's not helping our confidence, especially when our Realtor thought we could've sold it for 40k more by now.

Anywho, I think I know what we'll do:  turn the guest bedroom into B3's room and keep the nursery as is.  The shoe room will become the guest room and we'll list the house again next spring.  We just really want a bigger yard and garage, and some updates, that is the whole goal of moving. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself, which is what I do cuz I NEED SOME CONTROL here, it's been hard not having it.

So the first list:

Having another baby boy makes things a little easier on the wallet this time around, but there are still things that we need aside from the typical bedroom double ups, new outfits, etc., like items we never invested in, or that have been released in the last three years.

1- Rock 'n' Play - Never bought one of these because I was so terrified of SIDS and having my kid sleep in it.  I never got any sleep with newborn Bentz.  Never.  Literally napped from 8-11pm and then I was up for the night holding my acid reflux, slumbering child.  It was a foggy time of hardly functioning and I'm determined to have it a little easier this time, if it is possible.

2- Solly Wrap - We have a cheaper one from Target that was just way too big for our newborn.  This one has good reviews and seems a good option for the Arizona climate since the Boba and Moby seem like they might be hotter?

3- Double Bob - The only way for me to run outside in the short weekdays of winter/good running weather.

4- Dock a Tot - This is new and a way to co-sleep more safely.  It's made of breathable material and so far I have only read really good things about it.

5- Ergo 360 - We've been meaning to buy one and borrowed one at one point, so it's time.

6- Diaper Bag Backpack - I think the backpack approach will be a lot easier?

7- Owlet monitor - This is new this time around for us too.  We used the Snuzza and it is waaaay less advanced in terms of technology and you'd get false alarms which would ruin the night, but this one seems like it will buy me some serious sleep at night, so worth the splurge.

What am I forgetting?

The grand total for the short list:  $1500!  Baby things are expensive.

The other list that we need to eventually start working on:

1- Baby announcement - never did one with B3 because I waited too long and he came a bit early
2- Stock up - on post c section items, etc.
3- Re-take infant CPR
4- Pack hospital bags - I don't remember what I even had last time around, I'm just glad I packed it ahead of time
5- Arrangements for B3 - including a helpful list of a typical day
6- Arrangements for Rykar
7- Birthday plans for B3 - since I will be just getting out of the hospital
8- Finish hospital registration...which I really should just do right now.
9- Find a sub organist - for a few months.  We don't take the baby to church for a little bit.  Let's be honest, people take their sick children to church all the time.
10- Gift for Bentz - I have read something about this for your first born when he comes to the hospital to meet the baby?
11- Assemble the swing, rocker, etc. - and replace batteries, sanitize and such
12- Wash everything - need to dig out all the newborn clothes, which I'm excited about!  Such a fun stage of tiny-ness.

In the meantime, I ordered this...

because our house always looks like...

& it's getting harder to pick things up over and over and over.

^^24 weeks


  1. You are hilarious with that grabber thing!! To be honest, we have one too but I never even thought ab out using it to pick up toys! I'm definitely going to start doing that now!
    I will sing praises for the Solly wrap forever! definitely one of my best purchases last time! I debated about the Ergo and the Tula and eventually settled on the Tula and I love it! People love the Ergo too though!
    Also, did you get your eyebrows mircrobladed? They look really great lately (maybe I just haven't paid attention to them before as obviously you couldn't have gotten them tatted while you've been pregnant!)

    1. I have never heard of the Tula, I'll have to look into that one. I'm glad you like the Solly wrap too. I spent way too long researching all the million wraps so it's nice to hear I ended up with the same one!

      I didn't get my eyebrows microbladed! Yet! I will in the fall after the babe, but for now I just started doing them darker with Wonderbrow. It's the best. I'm so hairless that I've had them tattooed numerous times, but they have faded to like nothing and my tattoo lady is in Ogden and I trust nobody else!