Viva Las Vegas

While in Vegas we drove race cars!!  By we, I mean those of us not prego, but spectating was still fun to do, along with hanging out with my fun family.

Ben was freaking THRILLED to drive the Porsche GT3 RS.  Seriously, made his whole life.  A student and instructor wrecked two months ago at a nearby track and they both did not survive the crash, but Ben didn't tell me that until afterwards.  I looked it up and it's legit.  Freaking sad!  Glad I did not know. 

The nice thing for spectating is it always looks a little slower than it really is.  Perfect for the Hales-worry-gene [hormonally pregnant] mind.

The whole thing was a pretty big ordeal and took almost four hours.  Bentz was basically deliriously tired, but still pretty happy.  He loves his grandpa and aunts/uncles (and grandma too, obviously).

Everyone went into a video/questions training while Bentz and I walked around and I tried to keep him entertained in the simulator room, without actually playing on the fun looking simulators.

All the drivers took a turn in one of the simulators, with an instructor.  They got familiar with the track before getting into an actual car.  I thought that was a good idea.

B3 told a very long story to Jolie and Spencer and all our hearts melted.

The weather was perfect, just sooooo windy that day, but within the walls of the track it wasn't as much.  The temps were so nice.

My belly really is large, I am not sure how it doesn't appear that way in some pictures.

Ben was almost as fast as the professionals.  :P

Spencer drove the Aston Martin Vantage, but I guess there weren't any pictures of him in front of it?  At least on my family's shared photo album.  Or I am blind.  But this is him pulling away.

Matt and Emily rode passenger to professional drivers and I think Matt went the fastest.  I wanna say 180 mph or so, but don't quote me on that.

Dallin, James and Jolie all chose the Lamborghini LP550-2.

My dad chose the Ferrari F430 F1.

A kind of family shot.

We also went to see Michael Jackson's cirque show, ONE.  It was really fantastic!!  Plus we all love MJ and his music so it was fun to already know the music.  My favorite was "They Don't Really Care About Us."  And the MJ leaaan.

My dad opted to stay back with his little grandchild, so they went on a little date.  :)

Seriously I'm old.  We used to go to the 9pm shows, then go out afterwards.  This was the 7pm show and I was like so tired after.

The whole gang!!!  This is a better portrayal of my belly (despite being a not so flattering picture).

We took a stroll down the strip and reminisced and then it was time to head back to our little man.

Who we found like so.  LOVE him.

Such a fun trip with the family.  I kind of want to rewind time and do it again, but I always say that.  Maybe next year we'll do it again.

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