25.5 Weeks - I love Unisom.

My age: 32

How far along: 25 weeks 5 days

How big is baby:  2 pounds-ish.  BabyCenter says the size of a scallion, which is kind of a weird comparison?  The Bump says as big as kale.  Parents Magazine says zucchini, which is probably the best comparison I've found.  I read that if baby were born now, there is a high chance of surviving with extreme care.  It's so nice to get to get to a point to hear things like that!

What have you been up to:  Just truckin' along doing the same stuff, different day.  Summer just arrived last week and we are already looking forward to monsoon season as this week we're under an excessive heat warning.  Work is going well for us and Bentz is really starting to explode with his vocabulary which is the cutest!

Exercise/Activity Level:  Not as great as I had planned now that I am cleared to do some working out.  I was gung ho about being able to, but have had a lot more Braxton Hicks and been so much more paranoid this time around!  But it is so nice to not be stressed about hitting speed bumps in the car, or be able to chase after my kid.

Maternity clothes:  I wear some stuff under the bump, but 95% of my shirts are maternity.

Stretch marks:  None yet, knock on wood.  And just a hint of the linea nigra, which I know I had a very dark one early on last time.

Belly Button: Stretching

Sleep:  Having a tough time falling asleep because of my ribs, and I do still wake up because of my hips, but if I flip sides then Unisom has helped me be tired enough to fall back asleep.  Have I mentioned that I love Unisom??

Best Moment of the Week:  Probably feeling baby boy kicking so much these days!  It has been so fun for me.  It was fun the first time I was pregnant, but this time I actually know what having a baby will entail, and the love and adoration that we will have for him (and already do) that we had never experienced before having Bentz, and it makes me feel more connected in a way.  I remember nothing feeling completely real until I heard Bentz cry the first time.  It was such a shock that there really WAS a baby inside of me, that WE created, who is ours forever.  A moment ingrained in my memory forever.

Worst Moment of the Week:  The house stuff.  It has been a roller coaster and I have stressed a lot more about it than I ever would have expected me to, and I'm getting close to the point of wanting to throw in the towel.  I will update soon.

Food cravings:  I don't think I have been craving anything too much lately.

Food aversions:  Not a whole lot here.

Symptoms:  I feel a whole lot bigger than two weeks ago in how I function and move.  Symptoms are showing up that I never had until the last month of my first pregnancy!  My ribs have been on fire, and I can't believe I have three months (and one day) to go, it's been soooo different the second time around!  My vision has also gone a bit blurry which I forgot happened to me last time, and I have already noticed some swelling after a lot of walking when it's super hot out (like um 106 degrees the other day when we went shopping at the outdoor mall :D ).  Pregnancy is so crazy, but so is the concept of growing a little baby in your stomach.  It's the neatest, craziest, most surreal experience.

^^Icing my ribs (not my belly)

Movement:  So much, I love it.  You can physically see his kicks.

Gender:  BOY!! B2.  All boys will be Bs, and girls Cs.

What I’m looking forward to:  Same ole stuff.  Getting into a new house and out of our temporary one bedroom apartment where I work from home while entertaining my toddler.  And having a nursery to start working on!

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  That all continues to go well with his growth.

What I miss:  I'm getting to the point where my pre-prego body I can hardly remember, and I am starting to really miss it.  I hardly recognize myself!  Funny enough, I don't look at the scale while at the doctor's office, so I have no idea what I even weigh this time.  I think it's a smart move because it cuts out some stress.

Next appointment: 27 weeks, my glucose test

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