27.5 Weeks - Passed my glucose test!!

My age: 32

How far along: 27 weeks 6 days today, tomorrow is the 3rd trimester!

How big is baby:  Close to 15" and about the size of a head of lettuce.  2-1/4# or so.

What have you been up to:   We're getting excited about a new house and new baby and all the changes that will happen this summer, and it's been nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Work has been a little slower again and the temperatures have SKYROCKETED so we've got some cabin fever, but at the same time I have had a hard time finding the energy to fight the heat and go somewhere, so I've been reading more and working with Bentz on some things he's been learning.  It's pretty amazing how they soak up everything they see/hear.

Exercise/Activity Level:  Could be better, I am still so leery this pregnancy and I wish I wasn't.

Maternity clothes:  95%

Stretch marks:  None yet.

Belly Button:  It is really stretching.  Borderline record stretch, probably going to be an outie this time.

Sleep:  Pretty good.

Best Moment of the Week:  Celebrating Father's Day was fun, and we saw Cars 3 this weekend with my fam, which Bentz seemed to like!

We thought we needed to be early.  lol

^^Not shown:  James, Matt

And I PASSED my glucose test which I am soooo happy about!  I was more stressed than I should have been about it this time around, but I knew my chances of failing it were a little higher since I failed three years ago.  Last time I had eggs for breakfast so this time I just fasted altogether.

I am pleasantly surprised and a little extra jazzed that I don't have to go on a special diet for the 3 hour test, because this weekend we're going to a Diamondbacks game, and you know...churro dog.

Worst Moment of the Week:  I found out my iron levels somehow dropped since my first blood draw almost 5 months ago when I first found out I was anemic and had to start taking iron supplements.  I get to take more iron supplements and I have to add some more iron rich foods into my diet.  I think I am probably anemic when I'm not pregnant because it runs in my family, but it's no wonder I feel like I can hardly function for much of the day lately.

Food cravings:  Brownies?  I don't know.

Food aversions:  Nothing really!

Symptoms:  I had started to swell a couple of weeks ago when we were hot out, but the temps dropped back to the 90s and it basically went away!  I imagine it'll come back soon considering we could hit 120 today.

I've been doing pretty well otherwise, nothing too new.  Baby boy has been loving my right side which I'm loving because my left ribs are the ones that have been really painful.

^^This happened.  Avoiding plantar fasciitis and swelling all in one mess.

Movement:  So much.  My stomach is just bulging all the time.

Gender:  Boy!

What I’m looking forward to:  Getting to meet this little guy.  Spending late nights with him in our new family room while everyone else sleeps and the house is quiet.  Those nights can be tough, but they leave such an impression on your mind and heart.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  That all goes well with everything.

What I miss:  My body, being agile and easily able to bend over.

Next appointment: 31 weeks then we go to 2 weekers!

Comparison from 1st to 2nd pregnancies:

I'm definitely bigger, but my doctor said I could start to taper a little.  Guess we'll see!


  1. Your belly is still so cute and it looks like you are pregnant around the same time as you were with your first.

    1. Thanks Jackie. Yeah, about one week shy of exactly three years!

  2. Congrats on passing the test! As you know, this was a sore spot for me, but I've definitely learned how to hang. Might come in handy at some point...

    Yay for the third trimester! You'll be nimble again soon enough!