More Friday Favorites

My blog has been ALL over the place lately, but tis life right now.  A list of Friday Favorites, or should I say Friday ramblings, now that the day is almost over...

 1   Hot air balloons.  They don't really come out as often in the summer, so they're a treat this time of year.

 2   Barring anything disastrous happening in the next month, we have agreed with both our buyers and sellers on things to be fixed per the inspections, so we should be moving in next month to our new home!

 3   Which brings me to #3, being able to redecorate the new place.  This is going to be a longer term home than the last one, so we are going to put money into changing the color palette to a more modern gray feel.  We have been taking notes at model homes and matching paint swatches, so as soon as we close we'll have the place re-painted before moving in.

 4  After wearing ours all the time, baby boy got his own sunglasses.

 5  I teeter between trying to eat clean and realizing that I really should just give in to cravings right now and eat clean this fall (that brownie thing is still going on).  In my eat clean moments, omelet avocados:  fill holes with egg mixture (eggs, onions, pepper, etc.), bake 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Obviously my presentation could use some work.

 6   Since Ann Rule passed away in the last couple of years, one of my 32 while 32s was to find a new true crime author, and I have:  Caitlin Rother.  I am only on a second book of hers, but I enjoy the way she presents the story and I burned through Dead Reckoning.  I hope she starts rapidly knocking out books.


I've mentioned we use the app YNAB to track every penny we spend (it's the BEST budgeting app ever and you need it in your life!), so whenever we spend money, we immediately log the amount and select a specific category for it to come out of (household, restaurants, groceries, Bentz, etc.).  The great thing about this is it makes you think twice about making dumb little purchases at the gas station, etc., because you know you get to literally see it pull money out of that category for the month, and it really makes saving money easier!

Brings me to a YNABby story.  Father's Day is coming up which I purposefully waited until last night to hit up a store and grab something for Ben, and I figured I would just not log it in YNAB for a couple of days cuz Ben probably wouldn't notice until he re-balanced the app w/the bank account this weekend.

Like, not even 15 hours later...
Ben:  Do you know anything about a charge $x.xx from *store*?
Me:  Um.  Yes.  It was me.  I didn't log it on purpose...
Ben:  Oh.  Oh hahaha sorry.  :P

What do married people do for holidays and such??  Besides say, "hey don't look at the bank account for a couple of days."  I had a different yet similar story last year.  I am just bad at surprises.

 8   To my delight, I found selfies on my phone from my two year old.  Kids are SMART.

The other week he asked me to make him a cracker with berry eyes, and it made my day with how much it made his.

Sure love this boy.

Have a happy Father's Day weekend!

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