To pool or not to pool?

That is the question!

Our first home had a pool and it took up so much of the yard, which was totally fine until we had a mobile toddler who needed some yard to play in!  I would take him around the corner to the park which was fun, but sometimes it'd be nice to just let him out to play in our own yard.

We fenced the pool around B3's 1st birthday and it was never an issue as far as him being able to access it.  We turned on the security system to chime when the doors/windows open, had a high security handle on the sliding door, and then the pool gate.

So two of the reasons we want to move is for 1-a bigger play yard, 2-a bigger garage.

We're closing in a couple of weeks on a new home and it has a fun yard but no pool (it does have a community pool) so we're not sure what to do.  Do we put a small one in?  Wait until the kids are all older and just use the community center for now?  We're about to have baby #2 and no matter how hard I try, my attention will always be divided from here on out and pools can be scary!

But it's soooo hot in the summer and it's soooo nice to be able to flop into your own pool without packing up a ton of crap or getting dressed up to acceptable standards.  ;)  We used ours almost every single day in the summers, especially in the evenings when the sun was going down and the water was warm, Ben and B3 would swim while I made dinner.  I liked to flop myself in the water with a book during naptime too.  They make for great gatherings, and make summers bearable and less cooped up feeling.

I started a Pinterest board of small pools and despite nobody putting covers on their pools (they are all fenced here and I think it's because pool covers heat the water up), if we built one, we could include a pool cover that you can walk on, like the one above. I think that might alleviate some of the fear of having multiple kids.

Or is it not worth it right now, that is the question.  What is the right answer??


  1. If I lived in AZ a pool would be a must for me! The one time I went there in June, I was dying! BUT I totally get yours fears too! You guys are safe and smart, but accidents happen :( I think as long as it was covered all the time you're not using it, you'd probably be okay. I don't know! That is a tricky situation to be in!

  2. That's a really cool backyard! I'm excited to see your new place. :)