Staying Connected

Staying in touch with family these days is so different than when I was a kid and we didn't even have internet and every one made phone calls, but social media doesn't have to be all negative in the way we build relationships.  I happen to love it when it comes to my family, because let's face it, I'm not going to call every one of them every day, but I do talk to them EVERY DAY in multiple ways.  We live in three states but communicate more than ever as if we lived on the same street!!  It's the BEST.

I thought this could spark some ideas for others to help stay in touch with their family because it's just too easy these days not to.

1-  Google Chat:  We are Androidy, Google/Gmail people, and this is just a chat forum on your email or an app on your phone.  We have multiple group chats always going:  Phoenicians, Mom + Family, Dad + Family, Whole Entire Family, Siblings, Siblings + Mom, Siblings + Dad, etc.   Literally, they are going all. day. long.  Just a minute ago my brother sent us the IT trailer that came out.  :)

2-  Instagram private messages:  I use this way more than regular Instagram!  We have a couple direct threads going for the whole family, one where I upload B3 videos basically everyday (and have since he was born so you can go back through the feed for daysss), and more recently we started a family thread where we can all post little vlogs of our daily life and see what's going on.  Like, I did a house tour of our new house for the fam to see, and Matt did a tour of his office so we could see where he works, etc.

3-  Facebook:  We all use it everyday and interact everyday, but it's more public, so yeah, that part is more limiting.

4-  Google Hang Out:  Essentially Facetime or Skype.  B3 and I chat with my mom on this one.  Sometimes we'll do random family hang outs, and I like it better than a phone call.

5-  Scrabble:  This is random, but I have games going 24/7 with my family (Emily, mom, Matt, Dil, etc.) and we chat through it as well.  Like when my mom just played 105 point word five minutes ago.  :P  Did you know you can play Scrabble through Facebook Messenger without ever downloading the Scrabble/Words With Friends app?

6-  Text:  Obviously this one, but it is probably the least utilized by my family.  Google Chat is nice because you can keep chatting whether my dad is in Israel or brother in China, etc, because it is web based.

7-  Blogging is kind of one, but I'm not sure it qualifies for the list, but meh.  My family all has subscribed to my blog (and vice versa to my siblings who blog) so they can follow along with the randomness, then they usually Google Chat me a response.  haha

Updated to add:

8-  Glympse:  This one is probably also fit for another category, but when we plan outings or vacations, we just send a Glympse message out (via Google Chat) when we leave our house.  It's a private tracking app (that I also use for running!) and then instead of somebody calling/texting you while you're trying to drive, they can just check to see how far out you are.  My family is pretty anti-phone when driving, thank goodness.

9-  Google Photos:  I mention that we share our pictures with each other after every get together.  It's nice because you don't have to ask that person to send you the picture, you know you'll get it.  Somebody starts an album and sends out a link to it, and anyone else with the link can add to it.

If you don't use Google Photos, you should.  It's free and automatically uploads/backs up your pictures as soon as you take them.  They upload at "high resolution," which is actually really good, but I also use Google's storage so I pay a little and mine upload full resolution.  Never lose your pictures again.

What did I forget??  We don't really use Snapchat, I have dabbled in it and I think my siblings have too, and we just send our snaps through Google Chat.  haha

Our cute house! Making some changes.

Probably one of the things I'm most excited for with our new house, is to watch monsoons from the second story.  They often come from just over these hills.

And I know what B3 is excited for.

Last week we closed and the stress of this finding-a-house-before-the-baby-comes, is now gone, which is sooooo nice, I can't even begin to tell you the weight that is lifted from our shoulders.

31.5 Weeks - Basketball Belly

I need to figure out why Blogger is blurring my images on my blog.  :/
I know some readers blur them sometimes (Feedly), but they should at least be clear here.

My age: 32.87671

How far along: 31+5

How big is baby:  3-3/4 lbs, 16.5 inches, size of a honeydew!

What have you been up to:  Same stuff as usual.  We're getting lots of monsoons lately though, which has been fun and a nice relief from the non stop sunshine and high temperatures.

Exercise/Activity Level:  Mostly taking it easy.

Maternity clothes:  Yup!  I might be done buying them!

Stretch marks: Negative

Belly Button: Stretched

Sleep:  The hip thing is getting worse, but I am pretty tired otherwise so I flip over and fall back asleep usually pretty easily.

Best Moment of the Week:  Closing on our home we sold!  Getting the email that it recorded was pretty exciting, yet sad.  Funny story though, we totally forgot to cancel our security system by the time the house closed.  For some reason somebody set the alarm despite not knowing how to turn it off yet, and it did trip, then they couldn't get it to shut off!  It's pretty loud and obnoxiously stressful, and Ben and I got Facebook messages from the buyer asking how to shut it off.  The alarm company had already called us and we had them shut it off, but woops.  At least the cops didn't show up?

We had fun shopping for new furnishings for the house despite it being naptime and B3 being sooooo tough to control.

Worst Moment of the Week:  I have had times where I can't get comfortable anywhere, so I just keep getting up and walking around, then sit down and repeat until I'm going crazy.

Food cravings:  Nothing really.

Food aversions:  Nothing really, doing good.

Symptoms:  I've had some swelling show back up when I walk a lot in this heat, but nothing really too bad!  My scarily skinny ankles look more normal which I kind of like.  At 30 weeks somebody said, "a few more weeks!" and I was like, "Ha.  I wish!"  :P  But someone at church said, "do you have two or three months left?"  Bless his heart.  I have <2.  He wins for the comment award cuz I'm pretty sure he knew it wasn't three.

At my appointment my doctor said she'd like me to have 4-6 Braxton Hicks max per day at this point because it's so early, and I have those by 10am easily.  I was better about my water intake with B3, but it's harder to carry my water bottle around AND B3 these days that I think that's my downfall when we leave the house.  But I am trying to do better day by day.

Oh, something I found interesting about my glucose test...  Failing is a 140 or above, and three years ago I had eggs for breakfast and scored a 147 thus I failed, this time I fasted and I scored a 124.  Way way different scores which surprises me.

Movement:  Lots!  He must still have a lot of room to move around because I can feel him rotating often.

Gender:  Baby boy B2!

What I’m looking forward to:  Same stuff, nothing really new here.  Signing tomorrow on the new house!

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  That all goes well.

What I miss:  Running, my body, energy, high doses of caffeine.  :)

Next appointment: 34+1 weeks, my final ultrasound appointment

Friday Favorites [of July]

These Oreo Smores pancakes from Butterfields's Pancake House.  They also have the best freshly squeezed orange juice that is to die for.  Each time we go, I have to have a salty side of bacon to counter the dessert I eat for my breakfast.  :)

Wednesday we signed and our home recorded earlier today!  Our final farewell selfie after we gave it one last vacuum Tuesday night.

House/s -- Making some changes!

Last weekend we moved everything left in our house, out.  By we, I mean not me or B3, we ended up going to McDonalds and then to the library to stay out of the way, otherwise I just have to follow him everywhere and it's a lot of work!  Tomorrow we sign and we say goodbye forever, then you will no longer have to read anymore bittersweet words of saying goodbye to our first home.

BUT!!! until then...

Moving Day:
This was not the piano, I couldn't bring myself to even watch that be loaded, but I did ask for some extra TLC.  This was a 1000 lb piece of furniture and these guys were champs...

One last look at the pool.  I am so sad about this.  It was sparkling and begging me to jump in.

One last sunset.

Next week we'll get our keys for the new house!  It's a really pretty home and pretty much could be turn-key, but we don't really love the color scheme:  browns.

We're going to have the whole place painted before we move in, and we (aka Ben) will be replacing the baseboards with a bigger more modern baseboard, kind of like we did in our first home!  Then we'll slowly change everything over to our modern tastes.

Colors always look different on a computer screen.

Last summer we put an offer on a home and didn't get it, but it was the color scheme we loved and we're taking some ideas from it.  I really want the chandelier.

That house had the master bedroom and bathroom painted BLACK including the ceiling!  Most people would hate that, but we loved it.  I don't think we'd ever commit and do it in our house because reversing it would be a lot of work, but we've been inspired (with that Grizzle Gray color for the master walls).

(Below is Grizzle Gray)

We went a bit darker on our last master bedroom and really liked it.  In AZ it's nice to have a darker cave-ish place to retreat to because we have sunshine almost every day!

You can imagine we have a million Pinterest/idea boards going on.  Today we ordered a barn door for the master bedroom which I'm adultishly stoked about.

Ben's boss said the way to leave a house you have loved behind, is to move out of it into a small temporary space, because then when you buy a new house you're even more excited about getting into it.  I think this rings so very true.

Nearly 3

The other day I went into the bedroom and heard the noise maker (that's on a remote control) was turned on, which was odd because it was like 4pm.  Trailing behind me was mister B3 who then informed me that "Eyes" (Mister Potato Head) was taking a nap!  B3 had even lined up some cars for his nap, which is what I do for B3.  I have no idea how long this nap was going on, but then he picked Eyes up out of the crib and gave him a kiss.  :D

(These are blurry because they're images from a video and in a dark, dark room.)

Baby boy is coming up on his 3rd birthday in a couple of months, so he's not a baby at all, but he'll always be our baby boy.  I need to keep posting about him because he's learning and growing so fast and amazes us on the daily.  Ben and I look at each other a million times every day and say, "man, how is he so freaking cute?!?!"  It sure is different when it's your own kid, you just adore every. single. thing.

A day in the life...

Happy Thursday!

A regular day in the life.  I have never done one of these before, I guess I just don't want the whole world super jealous of my exciting life.  :)

5:30-6:30  WAKE UP.  Just depends on the mini man.

6:15-6:30 get dressed, load up the dog for a morning bathroom stroll and head out for a round of the grounds.

6:45 sit down to watch Fox 10 news and usually cuddle B3 while drinking my morning green spinach smoothie (that Ben makes!), and lately I've simultaneously read my book.

Just finished this one.  I gave it 4 stars...the first part was a little slow.

7:30  Bentz wants breakfast:  berries and cereal.  Whatever berry is on sale, this week strawberries!

8:00ish jump on my computer and figure out my work day and take care of any urgent matters/emails.  My work is an hour ahead of me and they start at 7am, so they are very patient. :)

8:30 get "ready."  The level of ready depends on the level of tiredness and my workload for the day, plus if we have plans to venture out somewhere.

9-11 I work while B3 sits next to (or on) me and plays with his toys.  If work is slow then I spend the time doing miscellaneous crap (laundry, dishes, read, blog, workout video), and play with Bentz.

This Utah based city wanted a basic podium of sorts, so I came up with this one.

10:45 B3's lunch time.  Early because he asks for it allllllllll day long.  He gets to watch Youtube's KidTV, so pretty sure this is his favorite part of the day.  I keep working while he eats and sings  along with multiple renditions of the alphabet.

12:00ish B3's nap time, my work-like-mad time and best time to take phone calls.

2:30-3 Kid wakes up and it's time for a snack and another round of playtime.

4:00 if work isn't too busy then we'll head out for an adventure (park, ice cream, library, grocery store, errands, workout, playdate, swim, color, etc.)  Since it's been so hot lately, we've mostly stayed in though.  The ole Honda AC could use a serious recharge for these 115 degree days.  :D

5:30 Start dinner:  Blue Apron or Sunbasket most of the time.

6:15  Family deener time

6:45  Hang out with the fam.  Sometimes an ice cream run, walk over to the pool, etc.

8:00  B3's bedtime.  Ben gets him all ready for bed and I take the dog out on an evening bathroom stroll.  Then we all read in bed.

9:00-9:30  Lights out for the old geezers.  Ben works out at 5, and I am perma-tired.