31.5 Weeks - Basketball Belly

I need to figure out why Blogger is blurring my images on my blog.  :/
I know some readers blur them sometimes (Feedly), but they should at least be clear here.

My age: 32.87671

How far along: 31+5

How big is baby:  3-3/4 lbs, 16.5 inches, size of a honeydew!

What have you been up to:  Same stuff as usual.  We're getting lots of monsoons lately though, which has been fun and a nice relief from the non stop sunshine and high temperatures.

Exercise/Activity Level:  Mostly taking it easy.

Maternity clothes:  Yup!  I might be done buying them!

Stretch marks: Negative

Belly Button: Stretched

Sleep:  The hip thing is getting worse, but I am pretty tired otherwise so I flip over and fall back asleep usually pretty easily.

Best Moment of the Week:  Closing on our home we sold!  Getting the email that it recorded was pretty exciting, yet sad.  Funny story though, we totally forgot to cancel our security system by the time the house closed.  For some reason somebody set the alarm despite not knowing how to turn it off yet, and it did trip, then they couldn't get it to shut off!  It's pretty loud and obnoxiously stressful, and Ben and I got Facebook messages from the buyer asking how to shut it off.  The alarm company had already called us and we had them shut it off, but woops.  At least the cops didn't show up?

We had fun shopping for new furnishings for the house despite it being naptime and B3 being sooooo tough to control.

Worst Moment of the Week:  I have had times where I can't get comfortable anywhere, so I just keep getting up and walking around, then sit down and repeat until I'm going crazy.

Food cravings:  Nothing really.

Food aversions:  Nothing really, doing good.

Symptoms:  I've had some swelling show back up when I walk a lot in this heat, but nothing really too bad!  My scarily skinny ankles look more normal which I kind of like.  At 30 weeks somebody said, "a few more weeks!" and I was like, "Ha.  I wish!"  :P  But someone at church said, "do you have two or three months left?"  Bless his heart.  I have <2.  He wins for the comment award cuz I'm pretty sure he knew it wasn't three.

At my appointment my doctor said she'd like me to have 4-6 Braxton Hicks max per day at this point because it's so early, and I have those by 10am easily.  I was better about my water intake with B3, but it's harder to carry my water bottle around AND B3 these days that I think that's my downfall when we leave the house.  But I am trying to do better day by day.

Oh, something I found interesting about my glucose test...  Failing is a 140 or above, and three years ago I had eggs for breakfast and scored a 147 thus I failed, this time I fasted and I scored a 124.  Way way different scores which surprises me.

Movement:  Lots!  He must still have a lot of room to move around because I can feel him rotating often.

Gender:  Baby boy B2!

What I’m looking forward to:  Same stuff, nothing really new here.  Signing tomorrow on the new house!

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  That all goes well.

What I miss:  Running, my body, energy, high doses of caffeine.  :)

Next appointment: 34+1 weeks, my final ultrasound appointment

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